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  • Another kitchen thread – talk to me about solid wood worktops
  • Crag

    Me and the missus have just about decided on the kitchen we want but the sticking point seems to be the worktops.

    I fancy getting a decent quality solid wood worktop but the missus is worried it’ll look crap after a few months and we’ll spend our lifes keeping up with it.

    Can anyone let me know what there experiences of owning one are and for bonus points, post up some pictures so I can try and convince the missus away from granite.

    Cheers guys.


    Id say do it.

    We were in he same situation 3 years ago and we’re both happy we decided to spend the extra on ours (We went for walnut)

    I think the worktops were about £2.5k, the kitchen needed to be fitted first and then a couple of guys came round and made a custom fit worktop out of chipboard. 2 weeks later they came back to fit the worktop.

    TBH we have neglected it and it still looks great, we should really seal it every 6 months but have only done it twice since it was fitted. I know it will easily outlast the kitchen as it can be stripped back down and re-sealed to make it look brand new.

    We also considered granite, I really like granite in the right kitchen. Wood was better suited to our 1860’s cottage IMO.


    We went for solid oak – Ikea and still on the initial sealer after 4yrs!
    Far better quality than the breakfast bar we got from Howdens and we got 3 from Ikea for the same money as the one from Howdens!


    Another happy Ikea oak worktop user.

    Once cut, fitted and sealed, they’re almost maintenance free. We’ve almost ignored all that “re-oil every 6 months” stuff.

    They’re not up to having really hot pans put on them and they can get marked (we have a couple of rings from the bottom of red wine bottles) but marks like that can be sanded out and re-sealed if you’re so minded.


    I have cheap ikea beech ones.

    Mine got marked from having a mild steel grater left on it that got wet. Other than that very few marks at all. Got a bit of mildew as well

    After something like 7 years I stripped, resanded and refinished them and they look as good as new.

    I would have them again


    what they said but you get a bike for what you save buy buying standard laminate top stuff.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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