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  • Another eBay howler..
  • Probably one of these Park Frame Alignment Tools

    Would guess he means that the headtube is not ovalised.

    And the comment “Intended Use: XC light freeride all mountain.” looks like the sort of bollix you get on bike ads.

    Check this one out:

    It’s quite ‘subtle’ but there are some true gems in there. Take for example the quote (sic)

    “I used my park aligment tools to check the rear end and it,s straight and true.”


    “Checkes carried out.

    +Whole frame: For ware, cracks, dents or any sign of stress damage.
    +Rear shock: Adjustments Air/oil pressure and bushes.
    +Headtube: shape and condition”

    Headtube SHAPE!

    What has this guy been doing?

    Apparently, a Giant Anthem is for:

    “Intended Use: XC light freeride all mountain.”

    …and if you take it out for a ride it will be your:

    “dependable partner in crime”

    Yes, well, indeed.


    Payday blues

    If you don,t get paid until the end of the month you can have upto 14 days to pay.

    Fair play – can’t argue with that though. How many times have I thought ‘if only’ . . . 😉


    Guy seems to have a good turnover of frames. I’ve considered a few myself in the past (and he’s fairly local).


    his appalling grammar and spelling is the biggest crime.


    druidh – with descriptions like that, my obvious thought is ‘where’s he getting these frames from’…

    Al a lot of decent range frames in the 300-500 quid mark, and has a 100% feedback. I can see how it could all look a bit suspicious – but then maybe someone not a total bike freak has the job of listing all the stuff.

    Premier Icon DezB

    He’s quite expensive for lube and poultry

    Grease and turkey is about £70.


    I don’t think, given his feedback history, that he is guilty of anything other than sub-standard education.


    Maybe not the most grammatically correct Ebay add but otherwise a straight up & honest add. So why try and put the seller down? Does it bother you that much? (my grammer + spelling aint perfect)

    no_eyed_dear – I guess you’re showing your own ignorance about frame alignment tools there – yes they do exist! What is wrong with checking if the head tube is round & is not ovalised from crash damage?

    Smacks of that particular mindset some cyclists have i.e. demeaning about any rider who dares to not have the right bike or the right piece of kit or calls it the wrong thing.

    All I can say is lighten up.

    Premier Icon njee20

    Yes it’s thorough, but it looks like a pretty good listing to me. Why these people don’t use a spell checker though I don’t know, it would throw up most of the glaring errors!


    Down with bad spelling and grammer!


    Looks like an honest guy selling good quality frames at reasonable prices to me.So his spelling & grammer aren’t the best but his feedback is bang-on,I know which one I’d rather have…..

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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