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  • Premier Icon sandwicheater

    Don’t think the Scandal V2 has.

    Scurries off to look at his frame.

    EDIT: Nope, no rack mounts.

    Salsa fargo, Surly Karate Monkey?

    Premier Icon scotroutes

    The original Scandal 29ers had rack mounts but they were deleted from later versions.

    Does it have to be frame only or would a full bike do?? All the Cube Acid/Analog/Attention/Aim range, plus the LTD 29ers have rack mounts and would meet all your other criteria. Second hand frames occasionally pop up on eBay too.

    Or go custom??

    IMAG0216[/url] by ScotRoutes, on Flickr

    Premier Icon manton69

    Pretty sure that the Salsa Fargo fits the bill, but the rear rack is a Salsa one :


    Damn beaten to it…..


    fargo doesn’t really fit the billsince designed for drops.
    soem folk don’t like the ride apparently too.

    be after frame only, 2nd hand ideally, just for cheapness.
    will have a quick look for the cubes ta.

    any more?


    ahh, karate monkey. aye. that’s one i was forgetting.
    always fancied one of them.

    Premier Icon BigDummy

    Karate Monkey, or Surly Ogre I guess.

    Premier Icon BigDummy

    Another thought – rack mounts are a relatively cheap thing to get brazed on. If you find a steel frame you like and you’re not too gone on it’s paint-job, a frame-shop will braze mounts on for really-not-very-much cash and you’d need either to touch up the affected area or get the whole thing re-coated.


    How about a Specialized Rockhopper 29?

    Premier Icon faustus

    The clearance/end of line on-one inbred 29er (£150) has rack mounts and take 100mm fork, discs etc. Tyre clearance for 2.4 Ardents (friend has one) Pretty good frame for the money and versatile.


    29er hardtail to take 100mm-ish forks,
    front and rear mechs, disc brakes, decent mtb tire clearance
    with rack mounts[/b]…

    it’s to make my other bike.
    i’d kinda like a roadrat, but need to use as 2nd mtb for time to time, hence forks and tyre clearance, and also to be used for bit of touring and road riding.

    deosn’t sound too obscure but searching hasn’t brought up anything yet.
    minuim or steel, not bothered.
    does a scandal have rack mounts? i guess an inbred 29 fits the bill, kinda heavy tho. anything else?

    What about mounting the rack differently? Something like this link might be the way to go?

    Or maybe this sort of thing other linkto sort the top end out and onto the skewer at the bottom?

    Be ones on merlin – complete bikes but could flog the bits and have a frame for next to nowt.

    Premier Icon tootallpaul


    Not the best picture in the world.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Any steel frame you like and have the rack mounts added?

    bencooper would be able to do it (or any frame builder who does repairs/changes).


    well, surprisingly fruitfull thread

    i’ve got a steel frame i like at the mo (kona unit with geared drop-out) but not quite enough to add mounts, it’s a bit short and i’d like to swap it for something else. and finding a brazer might not be that easy as i’m abroad and moving again soon.

    and apart from the inbreds, which i like but are a bit heavy too, other steel frames new might be a bit pricey.

    but thanks anyway for all the suggestions. if only the inbreds were a bit lighter i’d go with one i guess, but i’m thinking i’ll hold out for an older Scandal to come up 2nd hand. i’ve had a few minium frames and really liked them, and tho i prefer the idea of steel, scandals sound great ride-wise.
    KM would be nice but is also about the weight of the inbred i think.
    i’m up for saving some weight as it’ll be for road use too.

    so if anyone wants to buy a 16″ unit, or has a small or medium scandal, with mounts, then give me a shout : )


    and yeh, a soma juice
    and it’s brown…

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Inbred. And stop fussing about weight. 😉
    They really do ride really well.


    yeh alright : ) but not really fussing. if i can save a bit with a scandal then why not?


    Just use an OMM Sherpa rack.

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