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  • hora

    What are they called now on ebay?


    Wouldn’t touch them with someone else’s bargepole. So many stories on so many forums over so many years.


    Just think a lot of STW members are like sheep to quick to follow the leader or initial post, rather than speak out or defend!

    Hear hear, what he said. This guy’s right, I want to be like him!!

    Alternatively, as above – the guy’s got a rep for a reason. Deal with it. Cause every time you order, you’ve got to ask yourself “Do I feel lucky?”. Well do ya, punk?

    Edit: clearly, I’m not calling you a punk 🙂

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    Used to be my LBS when I lived in Northwich, and to be fair, never had a drama at all with him… Bought plenty from there, and would happily do so again.

    Maybe he’s better in person than online?


    I Hope I get the Hope stuff…


    Interesting to note that the third option that google auto populates when you type Dave Hinde in is ‘Dave Hinde Trading Standards’


    I’m Starting to think mark anthony and Dave hinde are actually one and the same person
    All the dealings people have are exactly the same. Here are some of their common qualities:

    – will sell you stock they don’t have but lie to you saying it is in stock.
    – cant get hold of said stock for a long time if ever as they are on stop with the suppliers.
    – will get abusive if you query where your order is.
    – will slam the phone down on you
    – wont give you a refund.

    Can all do our bit to make sure these people don’t carry on ripping people off.

    Simple do not use then and they will go out of business.
    There is no place in the industry for con men like this.


    Go on then, I’ll repeat my Dave Hinde story.

    I was coming up the M6 and rang to ask if they had Hope M4’s in stock. The guy said they were there in front of him; no problem.

    I arrived at the shop 15 minutes later, no brakes. They have them at the ‘online shop’ which I must have rung

    I rang the shop phone and it rings on the desk next to him

    “Are you going to get that?”


    They must be hopeless on purpose, you can’t be that crap by accident.

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    “interesting to note that the business had an ASA ruling against him although to be fair this is going back a few years.”

    yes, actionwas taken a few years back and he was stopped advertizing in the mags for 12 months (IIRC)

    I think if you can walk in a picket the item up you have a chance of getting it. But god help you if it fails.

    ” you can’t fool all of the people all of the time” no but you can steadily rip a few off when no ones looking.


    Nothing yet… 🙁 No reaction to e-mail…

    Scott chegg… That is awesome…. Did he then say….

    No no he’s not dead, he’s, he’s restin’! Remarkable bird, the Norwegian Blue, idn’it, ay? Beautiful plumage!


    I went in the shop once, in Northwich, to buy a chain, a cassette, and a couple of tubes…..

    After waiting 15mins to be served ‘cos they were on the phone….

    It was just too hard. I gave up! They truly stank, and I was cured.

    This was in 2002. I just cannot understand how they are still in business.

    I went to Ron Spencer’s in Warrington instead.



    Me mate got a good deal from them, granted it was slow service but, he got a hope hoop rear for the price of a front one. 8)

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