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    Interesting aritcle, scaled.

    I didnt realise the Parisiens had already applied restrictions:

    Deux périodes de circulation
    – De 22h à 17h, réservée aux véhicules dont la surface est inférieure à 29 m2 ;
    – De 22h à 7h, ouverte aux véhicules d’une surface inférieure ou égale à 43 m2.
    – Pour les véhicules propres inférieurs à 29m2, il n’y a pas de restriction

    I wonder what a 29m2 lorry compares to in the UK?


    What is it about tipper trucks that makes them more dangerous than other HGVs?
    They appear to be responsible for a high proportion of serious and fatal accidents in London.

    High front bumper height,

    Higher wheel arches, and non enclosed mudguards,

    No anti run under bars down sides, like a steel gate.

    Drivers stuck in traffic will try and rush to get job done as if there is a load of muck to move, the construction site wants it moving fast,or they just get another driver or company.

    Basicly give them a wide birth, as some are driven by highly skilled drivers, and some are driven by drivers who have no skills whatsover.

Viewing 2 posts - 41 through 42 (of 42 total)

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