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  • Another Chumba HX2 Build…
  • ChunkyMTB

    Looks nice. Enjoy.


    It’s been a long time coming (well a few months anyway) but the 29er build is finally complete. Here’s a few pics for the Chumba fans out there, I didn’t have a huge budget so please be kind 🙂

    Overall I’m very happy with it, I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face for the first few rides and the novelty hasn’t worn off yet. At 6’4 and 17st I’m not exactly a light-weight and this bike feels like it was made for me… worlds apart from my 22″ frame 26er. My only minor gripe with this frame (and I mean very minor) is the rear tyre/front derailleur clearance.

    The s-bend seat and chain stays give huge tyre clearance which pushed me towards this frame over the Paradox but i didn’t realise that, like the Paradox, it’s a bit tight with the front derailleur clearance.

    Like I said it’s a minor gripe, the tyres in the photos are WTB Exiwolf 2.3s and there’s plenty of clearance, I haven’t tried anything bigger yet but I’d like to think I could put some 2.5s on there. I tried several front mechs (including a shimano tiagra road mech) but none really helped. I settled for an XT high clamp dual pull…the little arm that routes the cable to run it as bottom pull was a real crud catcher so I dremelled it off and am running it top pull which seems the work much better, the clamp-on cable stop isn’t the prettiest thing but it’ll do until I find a better solution.

    I’m chuffed with the whole package overall, the only main thing I’d like to do is swap the Toras for some 120mm Reba Maxles but if I try and sneak that past the wife now she’ll murder me (I’m not joking :wink:) so it will have to wait until the new year… the Toras are rock solid and it rides like a dream so I’m not too bothered anyway….


    ime there is seems to be an issue with front mech/tyre clearance with 29er’s, i have seen much worse that the pic above, even on the Canfield Yelli Screamy.


    it looks like a 26er


    very tidy looking, 4+ points for the creative log work too.


    Nicest 29er yet. Lovely in white.


    Thanks for all the kind words…particularly ‘the creative log work’ comment… (I just grabbed whatever I could to prop it up for the photo but thanks :-)) The more I ride this thing the more I love it… altough the cold weather could change that soon enough (why did I wait until winter to build a new bike?? 😕 ) The front mech clearance really is a minor issue, after converting it to top pull and lopping off the down pull arm with the dremel the mud falls away nicely. On to the next project now…build another 29er for the wife… 😉


    Didn’t recognise it as having funny wheels before someone mentioned it, so that gets points from me! Nice build though.

    Enjoy it, but not too much – that garden needs a lot of work!


    Hi awesom-o,

    I’m hoping to put my mitts on one of those frames soon, I was just wondering what’s the size of your frame? Is that Large? Looking forward to put some pics of my build once it’s all done!




    That’s the first enormo29r frame I’ve seen that looks in proportion
    Very nice 🙂 I like chumbas

    Premier Icon Clobber

    Is the front mech bottom pull?

    Nice looking bike!

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