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  • Premier Icon nickjb

    Lifts open after the ppds event. Usually last week of June. Weather is completely random and will make e biggest difference.

    OK so looks like Jun-Aug are wettest months….so September is a good time?

    Anyone know if this would fit in with lifts etc??

    Can anyone recommend a best time in year to go?

    Thinking early July / late June 2014……but need to ensure everything is open….

    Advice welcomed


    Premier Icon nickjb

    Lifts normally shut the first weekend of September. Occasionally its the second weekend. I don’t think you can predict the weather there. Raining one day, then sunny the next. We’ve had a couple of weeks of sun every day and it’s brilliant, not had rain all week and it is generally better weather than here. Best tip is to be lucky 🙂


    Start of July is good before the french summer hols.


    We went end June / Beg July 2 days of rain and 5 of sun and blue skys

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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