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  • Premier Icon cynic-al

    Some Big Hitters on here!

    I’ve had a dirty look from Ewan McGregor.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    My wife used to work with Reg Holdsworth’s Mrs. Yes, a complete bellend apparently.

    I used to  play pool with Mani in the Broadway in Moston  before he was famous. He still lets on.

    Wife and brother in law are well known in climbing circles – shared a few spliffs with Leo Houlding’s dad. 🙂

    One of my best mates was once shagged by the non alcoholic member of a popular Geordie TV duo who is definitely not bisexual.

    I once sat next to the utterly gorgeous Shobna Gulati on a train home from Manchester. She fell asleep on my shoulder and loudly exclaimed ‘**** me’ when woken up at her stop. Yes. Yes I should have asked her out, but I didn’t.

    Premier Icon burko73

    Met Jim Callahan ex pm in the dentist waiting room when I was in sixth form. We’d been doing him in economics that week. Lovely bloke. Sat chatting for ages whilst my mouth went numb.

    Sam Warburton in crew shop in st davids earlier this summer buying some leisure wear. Chatted with his wife whilst he was trying some stuff on.

    Shook pete tongs hand during a dj set at the ice rink in Cardiff. Me and a mate blagged our way in through a slightly open fire exit and had had a few so had no fear and blagged our way through anyone who approached us and kept going until we unintentionally ended up in the du box as pt was playing. Shook his hand etc, got a beer and it was a bit nuts loads of ravers all going nuts in front of us in the rink with only the plexi glass of the ice rink between us in the du box/ vip area and them. We had a beer and got a bit worried so made our excuses and got to the bar pronto… it was a bit surreal.


    I met and spoke to Danny John-Jules at last year’s Spanish MotoGP in the pit.

    I also met Jorge Lorenzo that day too!

    Premier Icon kimbers

    I see tory bellend IDS on my train home, he gets off at Milton Keynes station too, I carry a Bollox to Brexit sticker at all times now, I reckon I could get it on his back if I can get behind him on the stairs off the platform in rush hour 😝


    Wife and brother in law are well known in climbing circles – shared a few spliffs with Leo Houlding’s dad.

    Leo, Neil gresham and another mater were at my uni climbing club annual dinner one year there was a food fight and it got quite messy….

    Other notables were Andy Kirkpatrick genuine nutter and Alan hinks a few years later last I remember was getting a bottle of port to share with Alan as an old cimbing mate taught him to climb. Next was trying to find some good pain killers at breakfast


    Took Sam Warburton out on his mountain bike a load of times on the trails around Cardiff. Was paranoid my “it’s just down here” would result in a crash and the end of his career. He learnt so quickly and was ace at riding on his first ride. His guns made my manhood shrivel

    Premier Icon Wookster

    I’ve had breakfast with Sir Robin Knox Johnson awesome awesome man, Dame Ellen MacArthur leave met a few times as well very cool, but it was like a switch was flicked once you started to talk about racing so focused almost like a different person. I live in he same village as Sir Chris Bonnington seems like a nice chap, didn’t realise who he was the first time I bumped into him ( literally 🤦🏻‍♂️) in the local shop, again very friendly.

    not sure if these count as celebrities as they’ve all done amazing things unlike some fella from Gordie shore! 😂

    Premier Icon fatmax

    I had Sir Ranulph Fiennes ask me navigation advice during an adventure race.  I can die a happy man!

    Premier Icon stewartc

    Richard Whitley in some private club many years ago in that there London, was carrying out some work pushing a trolley and he come walking around a corner into me, nearly knocked the Countdown.

    Had a short chat with him on what I was doing there (he asked in a friendly way), seemed a nice chap.

    Got Yuri Geller to bend a fork for m in TGI Friday in Reading.

    I don’t met many famous people.

    Premier Icon senor j

    A “detectorist” is often in our local deli/coffee shop. Lovely person.

    Premier Icon gallowayboy

    Chris Morris appeared at our visitor centre this summer – lovely bloke, spent a good while talking renewables and sustainability stuff.

    Most celebrities could stand in front of me with a name tag on and I’d not twig mind. Probably missed a fair few over the years.


    I suggest that Google will give you the answer.

    As above googling still doesn’t make her anymore famous.

    ive been to a party where there was an actress on from Coronation Street. I didn’t give a stuff that she was famous to a bunch of people who watch a crappy soap


    shook hands plus small chat with Ranulph, inspirational guy.

    tried to chat up Danni M and Davina.  failed very quickly.

    was once a drunk idiot in the for one of Goldies set.

    met Bob Diamond.  didn’t call him a money grabbing wossit.

    met Duke of Edinburgh, he was pretty funny cracking a good few jokes

    and quite a few MPs.  once had to demo something to the Secretary of state with the beeb filming.

    all a.very long time ago now…

    ooo and I saw Louie Theroiux (sp?) at swinley and Bobbie Devrouis, Joe Swash and a few others filming celebrity camping 5.  apparently according to my wife the helped my son whilst he was out hunting goblins with a net…


    I was in the checkout queue in Asda behind Gareth Gates once. He was more orangish than a freshly spray tanned trump

    Premier Icon Dickyboy

    Met Jim Callahan ex pm in the dentist waiting room when I was in sixth form

    Had lunch with him at uni, he wanted to know why I had a green mowhawk. Took john cooper Clark for a coffee around the same time, my celebrity encounters are from a long time ago.

    Premier Icon richmars

    I’ve met John Major a few times, he opened our new boat house (that’s rowing club, not my personal one). Nice bloke.

    Premier Icon burko73

    Also had the duke of Edinburgh come into our logyard a couple of yrs ago. He was pootling round the estate we rented the yard off in a loaned car and came in to have a butchers at us working the processor. Guess he was off duty pok8ng around interested in things. Gave me a wave and a big smile . Too noisy for a chat!

    Probably means nothing to most folk, but Mike Park (of Asian Man Records) and Chris McCaughan (of The Lawrence Arms) once slept on my floor. Lovely the both of them, Mike wanted to stay up and chat about music all night, Chris just wanted to go to sleep.

    Also briefly met Mark Gatiss who was doing a book signing at a shop I worked at back in the day. Another lovely man.


    Dave Moorcroft awared me a BUSA Xc country medal years ago (he was the world 5000m record holder) Met him a few years later in the Lakes and said hello. Awesome athlete and real top bloke, took a picture of him with my young son and you can always tell afterwards when you look at facial expressions what they there thinking, looking at that pic he really looked like he was happy to be there, which is really nice.

    Met Haille Gabrisellase a few minutes before he broke the world indoor 5000m record at Birmingham years ago, literally 5 mins before the off and he stopped to say hello to anybody in the crowd who wanted to shake his hand. One of the greatest athletes of all time.


    * Bonnie Tyler (Stratford)

    * Tim Brook-Taylor (B’ham )

    * obstructed Barry Sheene twice on the same day (Silverstone)

    * Kenny Roberts (focussed)

    * Randy Mamola (jumpy)

    * Eddie Lawson (laconic)

    * Freddie Spencer (v. busy)

    * Mick Doohan (couldn’t shut him up)

    * Rossi (excitable)

    * Neil Hodgson & that stalker bloke (seemed surprised that I recognised them)

    * Chris Bonington (Congleton)

    * Alan Hinkes/Reinhold Messner (Llanberis)

    * the little editor bloke from Have I Got News (Polzeath)

    * Dave Cameron also in Polzeath

    * Fearne Cotton’s partner erm erm

    * Assorted cabinet ministers and C-list royalty inc but not limited to Geoffrey Howe, Leon Brittan, Duke of Kent, Gordon Brown, John Prescott (lol) at my last place of work

    My claim to fame is that myself and a couple of work friends where staying in the Hilton at Wembly for work a few years ago, and spent most of the evening on the beer with Mark Coleman of MMA fame.

    There was a show (not UFC, might have been BAMMA or someone else) at Wembly Arena the next night and all the fighters and coaches, which was MCs involvement, were staying in the hotel. My mate was/is a big UFC fan and recognised him sat in the bar. He wanted to say hello and we ended up sitting with him until last orders drinking and chatting.

    Nice bloke, f***in’ massive he was, hands like extra-large shovels!

    Premier Icon IdleJon

    Not a direct celebrity meeting but worth the rather long tale…

    I was in a team meeting in work when one of my colleagues mentioned that her father had been vaguely involved in a very famous robbery and had moved to the area for safety when she was young. (People involved in this robbery still seem to die violently! 😳 ) Her father had gone into the music management business, and she would regularly come home from school to find famous musicians making cups of tea, etc. I vaguely remember her saying that Terry Williams (drummer, was in school with my father, played in Dire Straits among other bands) was her godfather, although I might have made that up.

    I wasn’t sure how much of this to believe, obviously, this being a small city in Wales.

    A while later, I was talking to another friend and she mentioned going to London to see  her father’s band release their latest CD. Turns out her father is in the band Man, who were quite influential years ago. (And also included Terry Williams mentioned above.) So she also used to see very famous musicians in her house. (Her mum, who I chat to when picking up the kids from school, also had a reasonable musical career.) So I mentioned my previous colleague, and her unusual background. It turns out that they are great friends and all is true, probably including the dodgy stuff.

    Roger Moore (toilets Nice aeroport)

    Bob Mortimer (Booth’s Media City)

    Suranne Jones (Sainsbury’s Heaton Park)

    Curt and Roland from TFF (Apollo Manchester)

    Premier Icon terrahawk

    ive been to a party where there was an actress on from Coronation Street. I didn’t give a stuff that she was famous to a bunch of people who watch a crappy soap

    you’re awesome

    Premier Icon terrahawk

    I had a long chat to Rebecca Romero and James Cracknell about…erm…I can’t remember what.

    Premier Icon Dickyboy

    @idlejohn – one of my friends is John Leckie’s daughter and has similar tales of her childhood & meeting various random band members in her house.

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    As someone mentioned Roger Moore and this is a celebrity encounters thread, I’m posting this again.


    Premier Icon woody2000

    Mine all languish in the bargain basement of encounters, but….

    Natasha Bedingfield touched my bum in LAX airport.  I may have been walking backwards and not paying attention to my surroundings at the time, but hand definitely touched bum 🙂

    I nearly knocked Willie Carson over on my mates stag do at Newmarket, again walking backwards but drunk and acting up.  Turned and walked straight in to Mr Carson, but managed to get a hand on him to stop him falling.  He may have said a few choice words 🙂

    Checked in to a premier inn next to Jim Bowen


    I see Nick Knowles quite regularly in Cirencester Waitrose.

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    Checked in to a premier inn next to Jim Bowen

    Cool! What room was he in?

    Premier Icon angeldust

    Cool! What room was he in?

    Innnnnn 1

    Must have been a single room.

    You get nothing in this game for two in a bed.

    The Queen in Howden Park, Livingston on her Silver Jubilee tour.

    That bloke from It’s a Knockout, our school was on it.

    The bass player from Inspiral Carpets at an all nighter In Strathclyde Park.

    Stuart McMillan and Orde Meikle (Slam) in a hotel lift in New York. I was so excited they looked really awkward!

    Jo Guest when I worked at Sky Tv. Lovely.

    Boy George wandering down Cockburn Street In Edinburgh.

    Iain Banks at Edinburgh Waverley station.

    None particularly famous but good craic!


    Premier Icon FB-ATB

    Had a chat with Jools Holland about dogs a couple of weeks ago whilst I was waking our dog and he was getting out of his car to go and record  Later.

    Was in a queue in the local Hobbycraft next to Vic Reeves.

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Met Jim Callahan ex pm in the dentist waiting room when I was in sixth form. We’d been doing him in economics that week. Lovely bloke. Sat chatting for ages whilst my mouth went numb.

    Probably mistook you for Roy Hattersley.

    Used to work in TV Centre, so you’d be endlessly bumping into celebs in the canteen and coffee shop and having to do the correct thing by ignoring them completely. Queuing for a sandwich with The Two Ronnies was always an odd experience, though.

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    I bumped into Katy Hill from Blue Peter fame on a plane to the Alps.

    Was going to ask after the Blue Peter dog however, I was coming out of the bogs after a very dicey pork chop the night before. It was imperative i run from the scene of the crime as the the bad brown mist hung heavy in the air.

    Brave Katy just walked straight in. So brave.


    My only celebrity encounter was urinating next to Sven Goran Eriksson.

    Edit: And once stood next to Ian Harte (ex Leeds United and RoI footballer) in a queue for a toilet whist dressed as a medieval policemen. (Not at the same time as the above).


    Angeldust deserves more props for that gag.

    Have some props.


    Talking of Tony Hawk….. I introduced him to Barry Mcguigan.

    Pretty cool for me, and possibly you … but neither of them knew one thing about the other so it wasn’t the most exciting conversation I’ve ever had.

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