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  • Bimbler

    Ok peeps I’ve done all I can and my 7 year old Pentium 4 1&1.5 gig XP OS desktops are now, shall we say past their best and are at times painfully slow, well not compared to the olden days but you get my point it’s time to buy anew.

    One of the PC’s will be used for some quite data intensive Access/Excel stuff other one for word processing/general surfing/home stuff – possible requirement for dual monitor setup

    Hopefully get another 7 years or so out of these, and with that in mind what kind of specs should I be looking at – is an SSD “system” drive gonna be there for longevity?

    i5? I guess the word processing PC could get away with an i3 but there’s no value in it if I have to upgrade after 3 years, fair assumption?

    Christ knows what OS to go for either, Win 7 seems well liked and not that much different to XP Win 8 seems to split opinions.

    Where’s goof for PC builds these days, weird that buying a PC seems a bit old fashoned now.

    Thanks, any advice appreciated

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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