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    the gmail app on the iphone/ipad does all those things. I’d be amazed if the android version didnt.


    As above the iphone/ipad mail app will allow this so must be possible on an android tablet, however there are plenty of work e-mail accounts that won’t work because of the security issues or need something like a unlock code to be enabled so your best bet would be to talk to your IT department to see if they allow it and if so how it can be done.

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    there’s a “proper” microsoft outlook app – free. Give that a go if you want it to work like outlook; they must have at least tried to make it similar


    Touchdown for android works reasonably well with Exchange, and doesn’t force server side security profiles onto your device (it locks the app itself with a 4 digit code)

    The standard out of the box syncing optons are poor, but all the options are there to configure a workable offline mode. There’s a 30 day trial before you have to pay for the app.


    There is a seperate mail app on my Nexus 10. Im not sure if it does what you want as I don’t have it setup.

    I will have a play and see what happens.

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    The mail app on my HTC Android phone will handle as many POP3/IMAP accounts as I want – quite separate from Gmail. It doesn’t re-sync in any way though.

    I’d like to be able to run two email accounts from my tablet. One Gmail for personal use, and one for work use. The latter is the problem area…

    Is there any way that I can access emails offline? (Again, as one might when using Outlook on a laptop?) With Gmail, this doesn’t seem an option to me. Would like to be able to receive work emails when I have interwebular access, and then reply/sort/delete/etc when offline, before having it all sync up again when I’m back online. So, basically, can I make my tablet email set up mimic a laptop?

    Am sure this is as simple as a simple thing, but I’m a techno-numpty!


    Android gmail app can run multiple accounts. You can also have multiple log ins for Android so you could have a work and home profile. Or use the gmail app and the stock android email app with two different log ins / accounts.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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