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    I’ve never had a problem with a wheel from Bicycleworks on Argyle Place (well, not one that has been anyone’s other than my own fault!).


    Try Andy at Eastside bikes.
    If you are planning on crossing a continent or two my advice (from someone who has) would be to learn how to do it yourself.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Not quite Edinburgh but Steve at Icycles has always done a lovely job of mine. Fast turnaround too.


    I’m in need of a touring wheelset for some forthcoming adventures put together in Edinburgh. There’s a couple of threads from a few years back but I’m after some up to date advice on who can build me a 700c disc wheel to cross a continent or two. (Criticism from traditionalists on wheelsize/brake type accepted)


    Jake Law at Alpine Bikes, Glentress,
    builds my wheels and have never had an issue,
    oh and i couldnt care about the shop, cafe, and all the bitching about the place. blah blah blah…
    i will go to him for wheel builds what ever shop employs him 🙂

    Having read the book by Mark Beaumont about cycling aroung the world – (and me never having done it) – his recommendation is: not somewhere in Scotland – but … you should read the book. What we think works brill on our roads is crap in kerdicantrememberthenameofthiscountryi-Stan.


    Don’t get me started on Mark Beaumont

    drop me an email at handcraftedwheels@gmail and i can help you out with anything you need to know and help you with any wheel ideas you might have 😀

    Happy trails Dan


    CWSA a good wheel is a good wheel-choice of constituent parts is another matter.

    druidh- as I said – I havent done it. Honestly If I was crazy /fit enough to do this I would call in and see you guys.

    But reading his book (he obviously should have gone to see you;) IMO read the book. Any idiot can have a wheel failure. Any idiot will run out of carbs. Etc etc. What hub gets fixed in dodgystan is a different matter.


    Bicycleworks on Argyle Place


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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