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  • Annoying Noise – Grrrr!
  • dashed

    Bottom bracket? Could see that in the list of things you’ve replaced/checked?

    sorry – BB is a hope and stripped recently and fully regreased (spinning silently and free)

    Premier Icon akira

    Have you checked frame for any cracks?

    Premier Icon luffy105

    I’ve had similar recently on my road bike and it turns out it was a spoke. whether rubbing against another or the rim I don’t know but it is annoying. It happened after I got forced into a pothole and walloped the back wheel. it didn’t buckle the wheel but I think it must have strained or stretched a spoke somehow. Annoying because the bike ran smoothly and silently and now doesn’t. Put the wheel into the lbs but they were unable to fix so stuck with clicky bike now.

    i have’nt properly know as ive not cleaned it for a while whilst its been dry – i will have a thorough check this weekend though

    i’ve had noises in the past, ones that are constantly there, annoying as hell, but always managed to figure out what they are, this one however as its quite a trivial one and not always there/not as annoying i really cant track it down, its no real problem as its completely silent seated climbing so i guess ill just have to sit for climbing instead!

    mine cant really be the wheeels – as it did it on a set of old of wheels too and i have some new ones now too


    Have you removed the LH crank, tapped out the BB axle and greased it where it sits inside the bearing races? I bet you’ll find it looking a bit polished where it’s been fretting.

    Does it do it when you pedal of just roll along, or both?

    Premier Icon Nobby

    Had similar a couple of years ago – on the advice of my LBS I removed the rear mech hanger, cleaned everything, then put it back. Noise gone.

    globalti – ive had the cranks off (standard HT2 BB) and greased it all putting it back on? torqued up the bolts etc? not sure where you mean it will look a bit polished?

    coursemyhorse – pedalling up steep hills standing only

    rear mech hanger – good shout! i haven’t tried that so will give it a go!


    have you checked the drop out is tight?

    drop out is a maxle and is pretty tight – ill try the mech hanger its only a 2 minute job provided i dont round off the bolts

    Premier Icon Nobby

    i haven’t tried that so will give it a go!

    It was about the only thing I hadn’t checked.

    Premier Icon Nobby


    so over probably the last 5 weeks ive had this really niggly annoying noise when climbing only out of the saddle and up steep road hills – its not a creak nor a click but something inbetween the both is as best as i can describe it 😆

    it literally doesnt do it sat down at all, it doesnt appear to do it off road (unless its masked by the gravel/terrain), it only does it sometimes (not on every road climb standing), so its intermittent too

    its not the end of the world type creak, as its never constant and its never there on all the climbs, i thought it may have been a chainsuck type noise from worn cassette/chain/ring (1×10) but ive changed all of that so rules that out!

    i did think it could be headset (hope tapered) so ive given that a grease and re-fit (but it sort of sounds like its coming from the drivetrain area) and id ziptied all my cables quite tight so ive cut them all off too

    i had some new shimano pedals recently so cant be that, seat post/saddle interface isnt a problem as its out of the saddle

    rear maxle grease and done up tight

    chainring bolts tight and greased, bearings seem fine in bike and no play, wheelset is brand new and was doing this noise on old wheelset too

    any thing else missed out on?


    Yep had a rear mech hanger creak and tried everything prior. Swapping BB, chainsets, wheels, servicing the headset etc. Turns out it was the hanger bolt.

    Premier Icon iainc

    brake pads/pins rattling ?

    my new xt’s do it and I thought for a while it was my fork steerer !

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