Annoying clicking noise – headset or forks?

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  • Annoying clicking noise – headset or forks?
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    LOL amazingly I traced a long term noise to the Heli tape being caught by my shorts today 🙂


    Almost certainly a dry headset. I get this on my road bike occasionally and a strip-down and regrease always solves the issue.

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    Most likely is your cable ends.

    They stretch out, then the fibres rub against the cable our ends.

    New outers, or just chop the current ones, so they’re flat.

    Does the clicking happen as you turn the bars?


    Help please, not long had the forks serviced(Lyric air), so I wouldn’t think they are the culprit, probably the clicking noise is coming from the headset it is distracting, any ideas remedies, thanks.


    Bars or stem creaking/clicking,I get that with mine and I need some fresh ones,might not be that though just something else for you to ponder.

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    Recently found a very illusive click on my bike. Tried everything cranks h/set seat post saddle etc etc.

    Finally found it to be a slight warp in the rear rotor. On every rotation the rotor touched the pad, which made the pad move on its retaining pin. Which in turn produced a clicking noise !!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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