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    Just has a quote and its ok after reduction of about 75% . Windows seem decent quality but are they any cop at fitting and with back up. Salesman made them sound better than google did obviously lol but thought id ask for some real world experience. Ta


    Used them for replacement windows and doors for my two previous homes. Salesman on first occasion was ok but the second one was your typical bullshitter. The fitters were self employed but ‘worked’ for Anglian and had no issues. Had a couple of niggles after a few months which required minor adjustments and also had a door panel replaced. I would use them again.

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    Personally I’ve used them and had no problems, windows are faultless are 15 years.

    However, they messed up my parent’s windows, didn’t deliver what they ordered, then harassed them for months with their solictors to get paid for the incorrect windows, rather than install what they’d ordered. Eventually they wore my dad down and he gave in. Was a sorry state of affairs.

    Mick, call Coral in Bradford. They’re they only genuinely nice window people we’ve ever dealt with. Did our current house, all the customer service and products etc are good. They call occassionally asking if we need anymore work doing and seem quite happy with the fact that we tell them they’re the only people we would call if and when we need anything.

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    Thanks fellas. I’ll have a look dave cheers


    I think that a high quality local firm is better than the national huge chains. I hate that 75% discount business that Everest, Anglian etc salesmen do, it’s BS and annoys me.

    There are good local firms who have to live on recommendations who are slightly cheaper than the nationals and better IMO. But don’t go super cheap local as the quality falls away.

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    Mrs Kryton went through some detailed analysis, and I mean very detailed lengthy interbet trawling as well. Brightlight windows came out as the best, triple glazed as standard with equal prices to those offering double and their fitting team, were uber clean, helpful and polite.

    I’ve got the Sales guys number if you want it.


    Get a quote from them that is stupidly discounted to then be in line with market value, and then get cold calls from them for another two years because you qualify for discounted blinds etc…

    I went with a local fitter, which was in line with or slightly cheaper than most quotes and the window had more features/options. Swayed by a non-BS sales person, who turned out to be the fitter

    It goes without saying but stay well away from Safestyle. The sales tactics those clowns employ are bordering on laughable.


    I was told by a friend who is a window fitter that they are very expensive for what you get, you are better off using a small local outfit.

    my parents had anglian (IIRC, although it might have been another national chain) do their windows. the price wasn’t particularly cheap.

    their windows are ok – they haven’t had any problems with the units themselves in a good few years now.

    the fitters did manage to make a small mess when fitting a bay window which wasn’t noticed until much later, sadly

    My OH enquired – once – about conservatories in our last place (absurd quote BTW), and we then continually had annoying cold calls about blinds and windows for several years afterward – not impressed.

    I’d rather go with a decent local outfit myself.


    It goes without saying but stay well away from Safestyle.

    Tell me more. I was about to call them for a quote. Amongst others.


    Mum has just been through this.
    Anglian and Everest came up around £6k more than some of the locally recommended firms down here, three of them quoted around £2k for the same work.
    I wasn’t particularly happy that they give a price and then discount the crap out of it to make it look like you’re getting a good deal. The follow up calls promise even more discounts as well. Still came up steep.
    Im led to believe their windows etc are first rate and they do a good job, but £6k better? I dont think so!
    Ask around and get a local firm in who has a good reputation.

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    Yes please kryton and dave coral asked for your surname for some referal discount money or something 😉 I couldn’t remember it lol

    Tell me more. I was about to call them for a quote. Amongst others.

    Are you kidding? Firstly…

    Secondly, our experience of them. We’d moved into our first house and on the second day in, someone from Safestyle came knocking on the door. To be fair, the house needed new windows so we agreed to speaking with them. 2 hours later after multiple times of telling him we’d on;y moved in the day previous and we’d need to get more quotes and there was no way in the world we were making a decision that day, he left. During that time the price he was quoting came down 3 times and ended up with him asking US how much we were willing to pay. Basically told him to fk off out of my house.

    An hour later we get a phonecall from head office asking how the meeting went. Turns out the salesman we saw hadn’t been offering enough discount on his visits so the head office wanted to offer us an even better offer if we signed up that day. Declined and put the phone down.

    They also have a tendancy to send teenagers around with ill fitting suits to bombard an area trying to set up meetings with their sales people (identified as being older guys with ill fitting suits). Just a despisable company to deal with.

    Thirdly, look at reviews on the internet.

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    In my experience, Anglian are shite.

    They fitted a couple of doors and a window for us, really poor quality installation and the quality of the doors isn’t up to much either. In the past two years we’ve had to get them back out three times to each door to fix them after they’ve ‘dropped’ and couldn’t be closed properly.

    We used a local company to fit the rest of the windows in the house and the difference in the quality of the product and the workmanship is incredible. They were virtually the same price as Anglian as well.

    Edit: Just spotted the post above about Safestyle. We got them round for a quote and for the month after we were bombarded with calls from them telling us that they had quoted us the wrong price and wanted to come round to give another quote.
    18 months later we still get two or three calls a month from them despite asking them repeatedly to stop calling.

    Mick – Barnett.

    Ace – I get commission!


    Todays Top Tip

    whenn phoning – ask if your wife/husband needs to be present at the sales pitch

    Seconded Britelite. had issues with some custom leadlights, but for standard products v good. you get one price – no faffing. Anglian ok but Salesman was keen to discredit other firms – no need for that.

    Zenith Staybrite – awful – pushy sales – avoid.


    This is from a military married quarter prospective.

    Anglian were ocntacted to replace hundreds of windows on camp. Now I am not sure if htey contract some of the work out, but the windows were crap and the workmanship was awful. Our neighbours had a big gap at the top of their front window!! Our windows didn’t shut and open properly. When it came to redoing the windows in my house, they were first on the list to avoid!

    Member were our local fitter of choice nice sales man also I believe the founder and owner, did not offer any discount, did not treat vat as an optional extra, did give a very reasonable quote , did specially order in a door that was not in his range that we wanted, did a good job with quick follow up on snagging including replacement of an entire main pane that had an internal mark from manufacturing .

    My experience of a national chain was they left massive gaps around the windows that they filled with newspaper and concealed behind plastic and plaster and cut out supporting mullons in the downstairs of a full height bay intending the second story to be supported by ordinary glazing units.


    No idea what they’re like now, but the house we just bought has Anglian windows that are probably 15 years old, perhaps a bit older. They’re really good quality, still look good, and other than a couple of seized locks I can find nothing wrong with them at all. Not even a blown unit.


    My cousin is a window fitter and gets quite a lot of work fixing issues caused by big chains, fitters are typically paid £15-20 a window to fit, and ultimately you get what you pay for, so if they hit any issues they will take shortcuts (and use a lot of expanding foam). Windows are usually the cheapest they can get away with, so the quality is shite also.

    Personally I would get an independent to do it, as they usually care about their reputations so will do a reasonable job.

    Anglian – my father in law had a conservatory done by these cowboys over 10 years ago…it’s still leaking despite dozens of visits over the years, including the CEO on more than one occasion. Umpteen promises…yada-yada…one fault ‘fixed’ and another rears its ugly head. They’ve not been able to complete the work to their kitchen & living area during this time. Over a decade! Imagine the stress… 👿

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    Cheers dave they are coming round tomorrow eve I’ll mention your name. They were keen to catch me and Mrs together as apparently so many options which was annoying with shifts and kids and such, he obviously doesn’t realise I’ve just designed a kitchen that the Mrs hasn’t even seen lol tho I know it was really as they will want an immediate answer


    Absolutely shocking it took them 9 attempts to fit 3 windows for me.

    When I say 9 attempts I mean 9 lots of windows manufactured not just fitted. They first sent a bathroom and kitchen window that was only half frosted, not in any meaningful way like the lower half frosted and the upper not, I mean 4 or 5 panels out of 9 frosted in some random fashion. The pseudo lines from pane to pane never lined up, I don’t mean 1/2 an inch or so I mean 4-5 inches.

    The fitters were great, Anglian did not kick up a fuss, they just kept manufacturing windows come around and fitting them, for me and the fitters to have a laugh, for the fitters to phone Anglian to make some more and 2 weeks later the fitters would come back, and the cycle would continue.

    After 8 attempts I said ok they are not perfect, but what can you knock off,they said £200. I said no, so they went away and made another set of 3 windows.

    Fortunately all they had was a small deposit, so I guess I had the upper hand. I wasn’t being fussy or looking for perfection they were no were near spec.

    All that said the windows have been fine for 13 years.

    Anglian have an office in the same building as me and from what I see if their salesmen I wouldn’t want any off them around my gaff. The all seem like a bunch of chain smoking wide boys with too much to say for themselves or miserable gits who can’t even return a cheery good morning or hello.

    They are utter utter shit I used to work for them when I was at uni (making appointments over the phone) I wouldn’t let them near my house or thier sister kitchen company.


    As Hooli says, ask around your neighbours, family and friends for local company recommendations. Either a local recommended company to do the whole job or recommended fitter and source the windows yourself (fitter giving you the dimensions in writing).

    As a upvc fabricator for over 15 years, I have seen a lot of different types of window and I have never seen an even half decent window from any national company. Go to an independent company that doesn’t spend £££ on advertising. I believe the windows at the small firm I work for are among the best in the country, we rarley advertise and currently have a lead time of over 12 weeks. Do some research of your local firms and stay away from national company’s. They are all about making money and will forget about you as soon as the job is done

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    Well its between coral and a local recommend fitter but the local guy isnt fensa registered but hes over 1k cheaper. And probably better mmm….

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