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  • Anglesets… not much of a difference?
  • eltonerino

    I bought an angleset with my bike and had left it at the minimum change (-0.5°) for nearly six months. I was happy with the bike, but thought I’d try it slacker for a change. It’s now at -1.5°.

    So the important angles are:

    | Offset | Static h/a | Sagged h/a |
    |   0°   |    67°     |    69°     |
    | -0.5°  |    66.5°   |    68.5°   |
    | -1.5°  |    65.5°   |    67.5°   |

    Riding the bike on the road to the forest, and up hills didn’t seem different at all. Riding downhill seemed a bit less steep (which was nice). And it seemed to smash through rocky/rooty singletrack a little better too. Technical climbing wasn’t any harder and I didn’t get any more pedal strikes than I usually do ;).

    The change was subtle but noticeable. I wouldn’t pay £130 for the change, but was happy enough with the £50 it cost when buying the bike.

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