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  • Android users may I have your opinion please.
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    I’d like to ask for the opinion of normal user type people as all the searching I have done is not leading me to a conclusion. I’m confused.

    I am considering making the move from a Windows mobile to Android. I need to set up a google account of some kind but can’t decide which, gmail or google apps. What are the pros & cons of each? I know I can have both but want to keep everything as simple as possible & all my contacts in one place. I think gmail & apps accounts don’t share contacts even if linked but correct me if I am wrong.

    I’ve seen a few threads on here about google calendars etc so hope some of you can give me the benefit of your experience.

    Thanks 🙂


    Not entirely sure what you mean as they’re sort of one and the same really. Your contacts will all sync with Gmail and any other Google apps will get contact data from there.

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    All your google account stuff lives in a magic google cloud somewhere – contacts, E-mails, calendar, documents etc.

    Best thing to do is probably get a gmail account setup first, transfer over your contacts and sync outlook to google calendar (windows app google calendar sync does this bit). This way, when you get the phone it’ll sync everything from the cloud and you’ll be up and running quicker.

    Then start arguing about whether an iphone is better.


    If you don’t like Android, you can always install the Windows OS on the phone?

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    My question was really about choosing between gmail & Google apps. The main difference for me is Google apps allows me to use a domain I own rather than just being another"> that I will lose if I switch hosts in the future. Just wondered if there were other differences I was unaware of. I’m giving Apps a try & will see how it goes once my DNS has updated.

    As for the iPhone/Android/WP7 debate I can’t add anything new. The iPhone has a lot of appeal but just isn’t for me. Certain features irritate me & I just don’t want itunes.

    Thanks for the replies. 🙂

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