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  • Android to iPhone move
  • jim25

    Looking for the collective help here!

    I’m fed up with a crappy Huawei android continually crashing and deleted messages and emails very few days, so I’m moving back to an iPhone 11 at the weekend.
    What’s the best way of moving all my phone info over?
    Can I successfully move messages, WhatsApp and photos over?

    What’s the best thing to do before I turn off this J
    Huewai brick?

    Don’t know the answer to your specific question, but if the issue is your Huawei, why not buy a different (better) model of Android phone for ease of migration? I’ve had Android phones made by Samsung, Motorola and HTC and never experienced any of those issues.

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    There’s a backup option in WhatsApp settings.

    Photos are just files, copy ’em off (which you should be doing anyway, backups!)

    SMS messages you’re probably stuffed, there’s various third party backup utilities but whether they’ll work cross-platform or even be available on iPhone at all I’ve no idea.


    Must be a fault with your Huawei. Missus has a Huawei mate 20 pro and it’s faultless.
    I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S9/and again it’s been faultless.
    Started off having a poor battery life but monthly security updates from Samsung and it’s improved massively, 3 hours SOT is now easily 5 hours.

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    Use the handy app from Apple.


    The only thing I struggled with was WhatsApp messages. I used a paid for bit of software, it was quite long winded but worked.

    Photos just copy them from your current phone into iCloud photos

    I would use the tool that dove1 shows above, for everything except Whatsapp.

    For that, I’m currently trying to do the following:

    -Back up WhatsApp to Google Drive from an Android phone
    -Move the data from GD to iCloud
    -Install WhatsApp on the new iPhone
    -point it at iCloud to the backup
    -see if it works


    Pretty sure this is what I used

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    In Whatsapp backup data to Google drive from your android phone, then restore to your iPhone (from Google drive)

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    As above, no need to ditch an entire ecosystem. That’s the beauty of Android – choice!


    Well true to from this crappy Huawei wont as its meant to.
    Bought a new iPhone yesterday and spent most of the afternoon and evening trying to transfer over to ios…. But no, it wont allow me to run any of the switch over apps, crashing during every attempt!

    God I hate this phone!


    I swear this phone is cursed!

    I now can’t phone anyone as it won’t let me I to my contacts or phone app!

    Every time it just crashes and drops out when trying to use the Move to ios app too.

    Have trued a few other secondary android to iPhone generic moving programmes, same story… Everytime it wo t let the computer access its I fo to transfer it over!

    I cannot wait to leave the android platform!


    As above – this has nothing to do with Android and is all about your phone (and possibly you).


    That’s the problem with iphones, closed eco system, you’re probably about to lose all your whatsapp messages…

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