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  • Android ringtone for numbers not in contacts
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    Wife is working from home and has bt cloud voice express set up on her mobile so she receives calls from work.

    She wants to change the ringtone from her standard one to differentiate the calls coming from personal to work.

    I’ve checked the app on her phone and can’t see anything about changing ringtones.

    The only thing I can think of is to create a group and add all her contacts to that one group. Then set a ringtone to the group.

    I’m hoping that way any calls that come in outside of her contacts will have a different ringtone.

    Anyone use this app or have an alternative to set this up?

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    On the standard Android/Google app, you can go into each individual contact, and select a ringtone for that particular contact. (I’m using a Pixel 4) Click the three dots at the top for the option.

    Probably best to pick which set of contacts is the smallest, then change one at a time, leaving the larger group on the general ringtone

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    Cheers Andy👍

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