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  • Android phone email problems…
  • nicko74

    Bit niche, but there seems to be a real well of expertise on Android email programs on STW…

    I switched to Outlook for Android a couple of months ago after reading a thread on here. But it has a fairly frequent issue in that I’ll write or reply to an email, and see the ‘Sent’ notification, only for it to not send. There’s no sign of the email in drafts, sent or outbox; but it won’t actually send for half an hour or more.

    Any suggestions on fixes – or more reliable alternatives??


    My first thought was this was caused by a delay / infrequent server update. You used to be able to set how often some email apps pinged for updates. If this was every 30mins, I could imagine that this would cause your black hole.

    But, this does not appear as an option in my outlook app, so I’m struggling.

    Maybe check your outlook app settings to see if you have am option to do this, and set it at as low an interval as possible?

    Sorry, if that’s not it, I’m out.


    I recently bought an android phone as an “upgrade” for my old Windows phone.
    I gave up with Outlook for Android very quickly and downloaded Nine from the app store. Now emails work as I want on the phone

    There is a quirk with the desktop Outlook, where if you have filed an email in a subfolder under Inbox, when you reply, the sent email is stored in the same folder. It constantly catches me out as I want to refer back to a sent email and cannot find it in the drafts, outbox or sent! Its not the same behaviour I guess?


    Thanks for the responses. For now I’m persevering with Outlook.

    JimW – did you pay for Nine? Reckon it’s worth it?

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    I clicked on his hoping it might throw light on my email issue.

    For a few weeks now my Gmail on Android has stopped making a noise and displaying a reminder on the screen whenever an email drops into the inbox. If I open Gmail the new mails are there, highlighted as unread.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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