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  • Android parental controls
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    Im after a bit of advice in regards to keeping my son safe online using his android phone. He’s 12 so I want to keep him from seeing stuff that is innapropriate.
    At the moment he’s using my google account on his phone and I’d like to apply any controls to his phone only, not my phone or tablet (all on the same account).
    Suggestions please?

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    Thanks chaps.
    Weeksy, have you used qustodio?

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    Have a look at google family link. You set the kids up with an account and you have control of it. I have to say yes to all apps my sons wants to download, and give a password, but this can be done remotely. I can also track where he is….

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    Google Family Link

    Does everything you need and more, without being too overbearing.

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    I’ve used Qustodio, very good and also usefully cross platform if you have android, iphone, mac etc simple to use free stuff but monitoring of social media etc better with upgrade if you choose to go down that level of oversight (I haven’t).

    Also used Screen time and that is good and simple to but you have to pay.


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    So what you want is a paranoid android?

    I’ll get my coat 🙂

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