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  • Android help – swappng to a lrger SD card
  • meeeee

    Need to put a bigger card in my tablet but cant seem to copy apps over.

    I tried copying from whole of the original cardfrom tablet to PC then back onto the new card but non of my SD card apps show up.

    I’m guessing there must be some hidden files thats arent getting copied but i’ve got ‘show hidden files’ ticked on the PC.

    What do i need to do?

    Premier Icon nedrapier

    I’ve had the same problem.

    Transfer photos, vids, music etc, then reinstall apps on the new card. Slight pain in the arse, but it only 10, 20 mins of occasional screen pressing while you’re watching the telly.

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    titanium backup or something of that sort would probably do it (I think you can send to your pc)


    Some Android phones dont get on with fast cards. I had a class 4 16Gb card which was fine, tried a class 10 32Gb and the phone would see it and then not recognise it.
    Got a newer phone and its fine with the new card.
    If you want to copy apps and data across and have got root, TiBackup is good. If you don’t have root, try using Helium. It allows you to backup to a cloud drive (google drive) and then restore from there.
    I think I got the paid version, but it was only about £4, but it worked well.


    sorted it, i moved the apps back to internal storage, then copied the card, then moved apps back onto card and its still kept all my maps / settings for apps.

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