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  • And so the inevitable happens
  • Premier Icon nickc

    I can’t work out if it’s serious, or he’s comedy genius, or it’s just an existential work of mountain bike art based around the notion of triumph over adversity.

    Anyway, he’s in Morzine, I can’t imagine it’ll end well….g’wan Dave

    Premier Icon Poopscoop

    This thread got me watching his vids.

    I usually never watch mtbing on yt…. but his vids are actually pretty good. “Honest”I suppose.

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Ha. I’m in Morzine right now. I was talking to him at the pub earlier today

    The Jenvenator is back.

    At this rate he will be more metal than man!

    Someone **** shoot me to put me out of my misery if I have to run into this in Morzine.

    If you’re shit, have a laugh at your own stupidity instead of taking it so seriously. I’m fairly shit, but I won’t be go proing my stupidity, that’s for my mates and weeksy to do….and laugh at!

    That chicksands video, wow – have any of his mates actually bothered to help him out or just let him get on with it and filmed it for the “bantz”? You just stay central on the bike on that drop and give the bike a little bit of a pump off the lip. Easy as pie, there really is no reason to hang off the back and panic like that – the trick is to make people feel comfortable translating techniques they have learnt on small things to bigger features like that.

    Someones putting him up to this without giving him proper advice. He’d be a pretty decent rider if I had some mates who disciplined him a bit in terms of technique. If he was out riding with me, I’d be mercilessly taking the piss before trying to coach him a bit in a controlled, repetitive fashion. 🙁

    I’m pretty shit as well, no where near as quick as my brother, I’m just not a dangerous rider though.

    Premier Icon cchris2lou

    Good on him, he is having fun.


    He does seem like a nice bloke but on the recent vids he seems to be more bothered about doing a non stop commentary on his own riding than actually concentrating on said riding,all going to his head abit maybe.

Viewing 8 posts - 81 through 88 (of 88 total)

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