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  • Out yesterday and noticed a creak somewhere on the bike. Took a corner and the bike felt a bit bendy so went today to change the main pivot bearings which seem to go every 6-9 months – however, they were fine.

    Bit more of a look round and found the culprit – one of the pivot arm bolts has snapped. Pulled it out and am now in the same boat as this bloke – LINK

    No worries methinks. I’ll order one and pop it in. Except Cube dont sell them individually, you have to buy the kit – six small bearings and a few bolts and spacers.

    £79.99 is the cheapest I’ve found – to replace one broken bolt.



    What kind of bolt is it? Can you not try and see if a hardware supplier stocks the same bolt.

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    Tap, let me have a look around for you tomorrow…..


    +1 for a hardware store or find an engineering work shop. Even a toolmaker may help.

    wiggles – like the one in the link

    banks – few threads suggest they are made for Cube but was going to trawl round some hardware stores

    scotroutes – cheers hugssmiley

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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