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  • Ancient Reverb to Brand X Ascend 11 “upgrade”
  • RopeyReignRider
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    Hi, so I have an ancient reverb (6 or 7 years old) that has never been serviced other than being pumped up and bled a few times. It’s still working OK ish but I hate the external routing (pre stealth) – it catches my legs as the cable bows out when I’m peddling with the seat down.

    Being a manky stoodent funds are a bit tight so I’m considering the Brand X Ascend 11.

    – is it any good? Better than an ancient reverb?
    – will the cable fit hydraulic internal routing?

    Many thanks

    Skint of Derbyshire

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    The brand X posts are great, better than old reverb and ime last a lot longer too

    The levers arent the best, the bontrager ones are good cheap upgrade if you find you dont like the stock one

    Internal routing will be identical

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    I’ve been using a Brand X seatpost since Xmas and can’t fault it.

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    My brand X is smooth, reliable and easy to use. Very happy with it. I think the lever is ok too, better than the levers on some posts I’ve used. Not tried a fancy one, though.

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    My Brand X Ascend has been excellent for the 20 months I’ve been using it. Great bit of kit

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    I have a couple of old Reverbs. I replaced one with a Brand X as opposed to rebuilding it like I did previously…why the hell didn’t I do it sooner? The Brand X is a decent bit of kit, I’ll most likely get another one once the Reverb on my other bike dies (or maybe sooner as like you I’ve come to realise external routing sucks!)

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    Nothing wrong with the brand x posts, I have 3 spread across mine and the kids bikes. Cheap to buy, reliable and dead easy to service when they need it.

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    As above. I’ve a brand X on one bike and an Orbea post on another – they’re so simple, reliable and user serviceable that I can’t understand how the Reverb ended up being so complex and expensive and kept selling for so long.

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    I have two ancient Reverbs (7-8 years old) and one BrandX (3 years old) and although I have had no real problem with the Reverbs the Brand X is nicer to use and easier to look after.

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    The BrandX is probably better than my (2011) Reverb was when it was new.

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    Ive did the same. Declined to carry out yet another 100quid service, in favour of getting a brand X ones, which also increases the drop up to 170mm, and moves the external cable down the collar, rather than the top of the post and does away with the look issue of the Mk1 Reverb.

    Excellent value product. the only down side if ive rendered a reverb that just needs a service, bin fodder.

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    Yes, yes & yes

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    I have a reverb that kept failing despite being rebuilt and the intervals were getting shorter between services. Changed to a Brand X (external) works fine. Lever isn’t the best but it’s functional.

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    My old bike had the external reverb and I loved it ( 1st dropper after quick release seat posts) only had to service it a few times. New bike came with a brand x and definitely a step up. Never had to fettle it in all the time I’ve had it. Although recently noticed the lever not as good. With the brand x I have upgraded the lever to a different one – all I have to do is unscrew the old lever off and stick the new one on and re-cable it. Lot better than dealing with oils/fluids etc.

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