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  • tangent

    p.s. yes spelling check on actual autechre …warp words


    Autechre Euro Tour time…
    just seen them play here in Norway…

    brilliant 🙂

    anyone else seen / going to see 'em?

    Premier Icon Norwester

    Are they still around? I have a couple of their albums from uni days. Never seen them live.


    There is a really good radio show they did knocking around on t'internet if you like them. Sure, it's 12 hours long but it's worth listening to 🙂

    Saw them a few weeks ago at BLOC, they were excellent, I loved the way they played in complete darkness.
    Last time a saw them was at a Vapour night in London, and they were brilliant then.

    It's a shame they never seem to release any of their live material though 🙁

    Oh yeah, not forgetting their support DJ Rob Hall, part of GESCOM, very,very good DJ!


    I saw them last month in Glasgow…going to see them in Dublin this month:D


    Agree with you Gustard, Rob Hall is really, really good. Autechre are not that bad either! One act I have not caught live though (even had tickets for one show but had to sell them on the day due to other half problems). Pity they are only playing London.


    yeah Rob Hall was rinsin too!…will have to track down that radio broadcast…thanks atlaz..could be the perfect podcast for a 12 hr enduro ride!

    Rode some snowy tracks in my local woods above Olso, before dropping into town for the set…magnificent. Interstingly I didn't know Autechre never release the live stuff they play…as I only have there very early records

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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