Anbody watching F1?

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  • Anbody watching F1?
  • Brilliant drive from Button, quietly got on with his job while Hambo had problems. Hambo's drive WAS very good until he caught up with Alonso.

    While I dont condone his public tirade against the team, I think he's got every right to be pi$$ed off.

    If Lewis thought his tyres were OK, he could have stayed out.

    True, but at this stage of the race the driver will trust the team to have more of a clue what the other drivers tyres are doing, unlike a tyre call at the begining of the race (like Button's) where the driver know's every one else is in the same condition.


    Hammy never was any good at looking after his tyres.

    Hamilton came across as a bit of a twunt in that post race interview

    Good race though. Plenty of racing and incident!


    knottie, I agree. I remember Mansell missing out on the F1 crown when his tyre blew in Adelaide.

    Mrs JB just went and told me the result. bang goes the F1 afternoon! Bet she did it on purpose so I have to get the hoover out.. grrr.


    I'm a big Hamilton fan, but the last thing I want to see (or hear) is him whinging on about what the team did wrong, he's made more than his share of bad decisions, keep it between you and the team Lewis (better still, get over it and concentrate on the next race) 🙄

    Scunthorpe 5 Man U 1




    Watched 'Rosemary's Baby' last night, set the thingy to record, and had a lie in.

    Fantastic race. That's more like it! Can't beat a bit of rain and dodgy weather.

    Hamilton is undoubtedly a brilliant driver, there's no question. Unfortunately, he's too impetuous, and as mentioned, too quick to blame others. Some of his overtaking moves were superb, and I was waiting for the overtake on Alonso, but when it came to the crunch, he seemed to bottle it, blaming his tyres, the team decision, etc. And when he did finally make the move, he seemed to inexplicably slow suddenly, causing Webber, who was simply looking to follow him as closely as possible, to go straight into the back of him. I think the partisan BBC commentary crew were too quick to blame Webber for that. Hamilton failed to make the move stick; the crash was inevitable.


    What a genius decision by Button, to call for slicks when he did. Had he not slid off just after leaving the pits, I reckon he would have been leading after the rest pitted. Massive shame for Vettel, but you've got to finish to win. The gap between him and Webber is obvious, not the case at McLaren. Button is far better a match for Hamilton. Alonso may have a slight edge on Massa, but that one seems very evenly matched too. Will be interesting. Don't know if Schuey's still 'got it'. Too early to tell, mind.

    Great race, and Button has shown he's definitely not McLaren's second driver. Fully deserved win.

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