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  • Sancho

    Well just got back from a week with these guys and have to say I loved it.

    The trails were mint, a mix of downhill, technical singletrack, flowing singletrack and rockgardens and super flat out ridge lines, tech slick rock and a load of sessioning and riding.

    Couldnt be more happy with the week.

    I have to admit to a degree of trepadation after the other topic on here slagged them off, but me and my four friends were looking forward to a break at the end of the year and had a blast.

    The area has some awesome trails and these vary massively, we were in the hands of Ash who was our main guide for the week and as we talked a good game when we arrived he tested us on the trails that he knew to see what we could and couldnt ride.

    I have to Say that Alan and Mary were fine, nothing like the descriptions in the previous thread, they both just looked after us in the background so to speak which is fine by me. But a pleasant couple.
    Oh abnd we got picked up at the airport ok, the bikes were packed pretty carefully in the van, the guides had massive tool kits and first aid kit, we had walkie talkies that the last man always carried.
    Ash and Dave looked after the riding which was good because both are good riders and they enjoyed riding with a group who could ride fast downhill and tackle all the obstacles they could find.
    Fuengirola is a nice place, Malaga is awesome and well worth a day off (which I took) to visit.

    I felt my riding improved over the week, and the final day on the downhill tracks was awesome.
    Oh and the accommodation was clean and nice, the free beer got nailed and Alan even did a Christmas dinner, which was well appreciated.

    Planning another trip soon.


    That’s good news, it looks like they have tried to fix a few of the things that we complained about, glad you had a good holiday.

    Premier Icon alan-sierracycling

    Sancho, Thanks for your kind words. I´ll pass them on to the team.
    We all enjoyed the week with you and look forward to seeing you all again. fantastic biking since 1992.


    Couldn’t agree more with Sancho’s post. The trails were amazing and Ash and Dave listened to what we liked and took us to the trails they knew we would love! They knew when they had to point out things for safety and knew when to have a laugh too. They felt like part of the family by the end of the week and joined us for a final meal, top blokes.

    Really friendly bunch all round. They welcomed us in Santa hats on Christmas morning (even though we were all being christmas scrooges!) Alan and Mary put on an amazing spread for us at Christmas which was totally unexpected and really generous of them! Thank you!

    The House was clean and really close to the beach, job done. The holiday is excellent value for money so I wasn’t expecting a palace and it was ideal and as described.

    Good times had by all!

    Would go again without hesitation.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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