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  • Premier Icon scotroutes

    Perfectly normal of them not to replace/refund until they have the goods back.

    Never had that before, other times people just send out the right item and if they want it back their post guy picks it up. So I should just send it back at my expense and let them send the right item and wait for that and a refund of postage? Feels so wrong to me!


    Sadly now amazon has all the small crappy sellers working through them, that’s pretty normal. Sorry! They are worried about being swizzed.

    And now the free postage is being done by Yodel, the worst pile of sheep’s balls postal service EVER. 👿

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Fairly normal, once it’s back they refund/resend.

    In general there is more chance that the person receiving the goods will scam the retailer than the other way round. So far they have asked you to do what was probably in the T&C’s you tick to say you read.

    Cool, thanks guys. Didn’t happen when On One sent me 50 road tubes instead of mountain bike tubes 🙂 Still have the road tubes sitting in my garage!

    I will just suck it up and send it back and ask for a refund. Funnily enough it was Amazon that gave me problems last time when they took money for a computer and held it for two weeks before telling me it wasn’t available anymore and did I want a refund!

    People on here seems to know how this stuff works. The truth is that online ordering so rarely goes wrong that, despite doing it a lot, I haven’t had any issues for ages and don’t really know where I stand. I ordered some camera memory cards from amazon, Spain and they sent me (via a 3rd party) completely the wrong item. I have mailed them photos, still in their packaging but they say they can’t send me a replacement until I return the item to them. I have to pay postage but they say they will refund the costs afterwards. It all seems really dodgy and I’m worried about doing it. I have asked them twice to send me what I ordered and arrange collection of their item but they refuse. Any idea where I stand? I’m about to go down the route of taking up a complaint with Amazon.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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