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  • mikehow

    Did anyone catch Amazing Spaces with George Clarke last night?

    Some of it was a bit meh, but there were some really interesting characters on it.

    Stand outs were the french guy and the Airstream, and the feckless school teacher who built the forresters cottage which came good in the end.

    The forresters cottage was a bit more of an honest bolt hole than Kevin McClouds shed.

    Link to the micro site:

    What amazed me was how little the guy spent on the hut think it was something like £5K, obviously this doesn’t factor in the cost of the woodland in the first place but it got me thinking.

    Anyone got any ideas on planning regs for a such a structure?

    i thought that shed was a total waste and showed what an utter lack of imagination the guy had, i mean, one tiny window to the front with that view!

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    i mean, one tiny window to the front with that view!

    I’d have got hold of a set of old sliding patio double glazed doors.

    £5k seemed a fair amount of money given that he got all bar the wood second hand/free


    5k for a bus is one thing, 100k on a bar at the bottom of the garden is another. The frightening thing is the bloke who was building in the woods was a teacher, you’d have thought he’d have had a bit more common sence than he had going by his dodgy working practices.


    Didn’t see it, but having spent a night in an airstream, I will say you’d have to be a fool to buy one. My OH was smitten with them after first seeing one, but even she agrees they’re actually a big pile of meh, once you’re actually in one.


    that airstream was a joke. 100k? you could build an garden room, beautifully designed for half that, and fit for purpose, which the airstream was not.

    I like the way George ‘had’ to buy a really really cheap tatty caravan to do his project on, as that was the concept.

    Then employed an artisan craftsman to work on it. Bet there’s not change from £50k once it’s all done.


    Looks fun, nice use of the eaves

    that airstream was a joke. 100k?

    seriously was that what it cost, i missed that fact. what an utter and total waste of money.


    George said he had 20k for his caravan.

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    The Tiny house ( shed ) movement has been getting bigger ( the movement not the sheds) in America for a while now.


    I built a massive shed a few years back.

    but really want to build a smaller version. I think the it would be a great way for young adults to live while at University or while saving for a house ( I wish it had a of been an option for me). I am looking into building a small retreat ATM but I really want to use all recycled materials this time.

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