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  • ScottChegg

    My Santa Cruz has never broken

    Mine did. And the aftersales service I got was rubbish.


    That’s wicked service and very impressive and to the glorious post about “specialized would have replaced it for free” they actually only give a 2 year warranty on the swing arms and linkages but have a lifetime warranty on the main frame.


    I bought a 2008 ST4 frame on a discount from Rutlands for £800, it broke after 4 months. When it went back for warranty replacement I asked Rutlands to find out if I could upgrade to a Five. I was expecting to have to pay the extra for the upgrade. But no, Orange sorted me out with a 2010 five frame for nothing and it turned up in a week. They were going to send me a 2011 frame but it would have had to wait for paint, they had the 2010 knocking about and offered me the choice…

    Brilliant service!


    Maybe they are happy to lose a bit in the hope the buyer will be happy and buy another at full price in the future? Either way I’m sure the mark up on an Orange is no more then any other bike and I guess they have to make money?

    Not to be rude but if you know anything about sales, you would not have said this. Companies do not give away stuff and make a loss on a whim, in the hope that the customer “might come back in 5 years time”. There will have been profit made there, which almost makes the OP a little gullible.

    Intended lifetime, perhaps? Then they offer up the amazing deals, make a fair amount on that I bet.


    To anyone who has a cry about the mark up on these bikes! It really is **** all! Your lbs tends to make a 30% mark up on all products some lower and some higher! So mark up is really very small compaired to everything else in the world today electronics, food, clothing! Specialized would of given you a free bike, debatable. You would also need to ride a special needs compaired to an amazing orange 5 go ride one, Orange are a top uk brand like hope. Nice deal on the bike mate.

Viewing 5 posts - 46 through 50 (of 50 total)

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