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  • am looking for a new xc race weapon – Vipera bikes ?
  • Premier Icon darrell

    So my blur has been retired to winter commuting duties and i wanna go to a lightweight hardtail for the next few years of endurance racing.

    I have little experience with uber bling esp. wheels

    so any comments about the bikes below. Costs approx 4000 GBP

    Ramme Vipera HM Carbon 30T Pressfit krank, 1,5” headset
    Gaffel RockShox Sid WC Pushlock
    Størrelser XS-S-M-L
    dekk Vredestein T-LOPE Superlite
    sal Selle Italia SLR
    hjul Mavic Crossmax SLR-D CL
    stem 4ZA Cirrus Pro
    styre 4ZA Cirrus Pro Carbon
    salpinne Int. i ramme
    vekt 8,9 kg

    Not heard of Vipera to be frank.

    That is a lot of money for a hardtail considering the likes of a Canyon Lux-MR 9 team can be had for 700 pounds less.

    Other hardtails to consider would the 9.9ssl Trek that I have and the Cannondale Flash, either 26 or 29.

    Premier Icon flange

    As Swedish says, why spend 4k on that when you can have this for £3k


    Full XX with the exception of brakes, which are MT8’s (which are lovely, I’ve got a set and they’re SUPER light).

    Premier Icon darrell

    unfortunately there are no Canyon dealers or Trek hardtails available near me in Norway. and for this type of money i wanna buy it from a shop in case of warranty issues.

    Premier Icon flange

    Okay doke, well it’s still overpriced Darrell although having seen the price of stuff in Norway, £4k will probably just about buy you a Big Mac.

    Canyon don’t have dealers, they sell direct via the web. And apparently they’re very good on the warranty side of things, although I’ve not had one so can’t really confirm.

    £4k buys an awful lot of bike from the mainstream boys – how about a Scott Scale? To me, 4k on an almost unheard of brand seems like a lot of money to spend

    Premier Icon sefton

    because the viper isnt lime green 😉

    Go and talk to Jonas in Bergen. have an excellent reputation for service if needed, however I understand your concern.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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