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    Wise words Drac


    I’m 40 in 20 days. I’m as immature as they come (heh, come) and I really couldn’t give a stuff. I tried adulting, it just led to me having a breakdown 😆 in many ways I’m just like a bloody teenager (those points I admittedly need to change/grow up) my body aches and is stiff, but just started yoga so hopefully that’ll help. (Actually pulled my back the morning before my first session, been in agony ever since)

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    uselesshippy – Member
    90 is a good life expectancy, yes?

    Good, but not average. In UK as a bloke you’re looking at mid late 70s.

    At mid 40s male, I’m well past middle age then for averages, and being single it’s worse, and as a mountain biker probably worse still 😀

    Another way of looking at it, it’s when race categories puts you in Veterans.


    You would need to know your death day, so could possibly be way past middle age.
    I however went into a bike shop today and ordered a small steed with wethepeople written on the side, so that makes me a youngish dude. 8)

    36? Middle aged?? Hahaha, that’s hilarious, someone’s wishing themselves old! 36 is a mere baby, and, like my 36 year-old son, not too big for your mother to give you a good hiding.

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    sbob – Member
    Can you wheelie?
    If the answer is no, then you are middle aged.

    I’m 50 in a few months and can wheelie like an 18 year old on a council estate with a joint in one hand and a can of beer in the other.
    Mainly because i learned to wheelie while skiving off school and riding an MX/BMX bike.
    Age/ money has nothing to do with it.
    Upbringing/attitude has everything to do with it. 😉


    When does middle age end? I’m 70 😆


    You know you’re probably middle-aged if you feel a sense of relief when bin collections return to the regular schedule after being altered over the Christmas break.


    According to the World Health Organisation

    • 0-17 years old: underage
    • 18-65 years old: youth/young people
    • 66-79 years old: middle-aged
    • 80-99 years old: elderly/senior
    • 100+ years old: long-lived elderly

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    You’re middle-aged the second you ask yourself that question…

    I like the WHO definition though.


    I was worried about turning 30 – I think i was aware and didn’t let ‘it’ happen. By the time i turned 31 i’d let my guard down. Then it happened; I bought a blazer.

    Officially middle aged. 😯

    Millennial is for 18 – 25 yr old snowflakes, you’re gen X, resigned to your fate and watching the world burn around you.

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    Returning to the subject of footwear, the item I’m most concerned about nowadays isn’t trainers, its my slippers 🙂

    Last wek I took delivery of a pair of these beauties….

    They look absolutely bloody ridiculous. I couldn’t care less. That’s proper middle aged!

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    We Sweden dwellers have these, where we lounge over out wood pile in our skinny jeans


    Ah! 🙂 Slippers! Now we’re getting somewhere!

    I’ve recently bought a pair of these as slippers and not only are they wonderfully comfy, but I can also aspire to sharing relaxed woodland view with Mrs Slack, although her household footwear is different..

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    If I was middle aged I would ask if Mrs slack has had a fall and damaged her jeans. However I am not so i wont.

    Looks nice That!

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    As soon as I turned 50 I gained a stone in weight and bought a bike with a kickstand.

    We Sweden dwellers have these, where we lounge over out wood pile in our skinny jeans

    My 87 year old mother has those slippers. QED those are slippers for the elderly not for the middle aged.

    Premier Icon howsyourdad1

    She must have a very good pension mupperwrangler

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