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  • Am I being unreasonable?
  • don simon

    Talk to the shop and see how they react.


    Many variables at play here..
    it could have been a friday afternoon job..

    Go in and be calm and ask if they can sort it out for you.


    Go in ranting,make sure you swear and make unsubstatiated accusations then threaten to bad mouth them on every forum known to man.Then wee in their shoes.Because that always helps 🙄
    Or bear in mind
    Sh1t happens.
    Everyone is human.
    You’re far from perfect.

    Premier Icon stevomcd

    Stuff breaks. It happens. Even new, well built stuff breaks sometimes. Take it back to the shop and see what they say. Don’t go in all-guns-blazing, it rarely helps!


    a good wheel builder will offer a ‘tune-up’. Was it offered and did you take it? Either way, wouldn’t blow a fuse over it as a single spoke + true-up isn’t worth the money for you or the shop to get upset


    Had a wheel built up by my LBS. As part of the deal they said “bring it in after a few weeks and we’ll check it doesn’t need truing”.

    You could try that approach.

    Premier Icon stumpyjon

    As said above, go in politely and ask them to fix it. If they do so no problem with a polite smile then you know it’s worth taking your business there again. Give them the opportunity to wow you with their customer service before assuming they’re a bunch of crooks.


    I would expect it to be fixed free of charge and would be disappointed in a shop that wouldn’t

    Premier Icon mesh

    Went to a reputable LBS to get a new rear wheel built for my Roadrat, had a good chat with the wheel builder to get something suitable spec’d (commuting with extra weight of panniers). Now I’d expect a good wheelbuilder to be able to spec and build a wheel tailored to my requirements, and for that wheel to be solid for a good length of time.
    About six weeks later it has now bust a spoke on my normal commute (not clouted a pothole or anything like that) – my first reaction to this would be to go in and demand that they replace this and check the wheel over for free. Am I being unreasonable to expect this? Not sure if it’s the pure frustration of it or if this is a justified reaction.

    Opinions welcome but no, I won’t name the shop 🙂


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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