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  • Am I about to drop myself in it?
  • Ooof. Up to £1000 fine for licence/address mismatch IIRC.

    As you still own the property thats on your licence you should be OK, but I’d get it changed pronto after your producer.


    I doubt very much you’ll get fined.


    you’ll be fine, i was stopped for speeding, gave my home address and my driving license is still registered to my parents for some reason! You’ll be fine.


    You’ll be fine. Had a similar thing but i’d actually sold the house where my licence was registered too six months earlier. Dont worry about it.

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    fines, no – imprisonment & buggery, yes


    Soap on a rope mate, round your neck so you don’t have to bend over 😛

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    I wouldn’t worry. According to my driving license my name is Sierra De La Fuego, I sport a huge Zapata mustache and my home address is in the mountains of Andalusia.

    My Passport has my name as Colin Bin Laden


    Went I took my trailer test(s) they weren’t best impressed that I was wearing glasses and that my license didn’t state that I needed them. It was Ok though as they said they’d add that bit on when they updated my license to say I had passed….only issue is I still haven’t passed it 😆

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    I got shunted in my company car this afternoon (no innuendos please) and despite my attempts to get the other driver to pull over (gesticulating, flashing of lights etc.) all I got was a 1000 yard stare as he pulled past me and scarpered. I rang my boss who told me to get a crime ref. number so our insurers can pursue him. Popped into the local station who took my details and gave me a form to fill in and asked me to return within 7 days with my insurance and licence.

    Now, the the problem is I haven’t changed the address on my licence since I moved in with my other half. I still own the old house as it is currently on the market. I’m fairly sure the DVLA takes a bit of a dim view on this sort of slackness but I’m not sure whether the Police will as well.

    So, STW, do you think I should get ready for a big, fat fine?


    This is not something to worry about. It is still your address after all. And even if it wasn’t, you’d still be fine.

    I can’t see the coppers being too fussed if you still own the property, as you’d be traceable one way or another. If you didn’t own the property they’d likely be less happy.*

    *I’m not claiming any legal basis for this, just purely a common sense take on your situation.

    For years my driving licence said my name was Norma … which it isn’t.


    My recent passport renewal was delayed because the Passport Office had two DoB’s for me. They required my original birth certificate as proof of the correct date. I was born overseas and the certificate is pretty ‘basic’ to say the least. They were happy with that though.

    You own the house you recorded on your license. I assume that you collect any mail from there too. No worries.


    From experience, as long as your licence is valid and you have the correct entitlement for the vehicle you were driving and your insurance is good; they’ll just tell you to update it.

    IME (actually the missus-moved from NI to Scotland) so long as they can get to you with a letter they dont give a damn. If you still own the original address then there’s even less to worry about.


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    If you still own the original address then there’s even less to worry about.

    + 1

    If you still own the address, you’ve def got no problem 8)

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