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  • Altura Attack jacket opinions please .
  • Premier Icon Northwind

    I’ve got the original Attack, really rate it- I can only wear it when it’s pretty cold, it’s fairly heavy duty, but then I’ve never met a waterproof that’s not true of- I switch to a gilet for summer, I just run too hot for full jackets

    It’s tough- mine’s survived a fair free crashes, a tarmac crash holed the arm a bit but then, it holed my arm a bit too so I can’t really complain about that. Loose enough fit to wear armpads under if that’s what you like. The zip’s on its way out but then it’s years old so that’s reasonable enough. Very good.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    My experience is almost exactly the same as northwind’s. Uncanny. And spooky.

    Have holed the arm with a road crash.
    I only wear it in pissing rain or cold and then only with a long sleeve merino base layer underneath. Just the right amount of wicking from the merino and breathing from the fabric/pit zips.

    Mains zip is starting to fail and takes a couple of goes to get it to run from bottom to top perfectly – but the jacket is now 5 years old or so and had a tough life.

    My only gripe from the start (and maybe theyve fixed it with later incarnations) was that the rear pocket wasnt big enough to take an OS map so I cut a slot and glued on a bigger pocket.

    But one of the most waterproof jackets Ive ever worn.

    Premier Icon iainc

    I’ve got the orange and black one – my original one fell apart and this one was a warranty replacement. only worn it a couple of times on really foul days, but it’s a good bit of kit. I tend to use a Stealth more often in winter wetness

    Premier Icon oldfart

    Been considering the Mayhem for a while waiting for a good price . Now I’ve seen the Attack which is normally 150 cheaper than the Attack ! So anybody got one ? Is it any good ? Is it only for depths of Winter too bulky other times ?


    Had one of the original attacks, failed miserably after just a few uses. Taped seams all fell off and main zip failed (3 or 4 teeth came off rendering it useless)

    LBS swapped it for a gore one that has performed flawlessly….

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Hmm, maybe mine isn’t an original one after all, pretty sure it’s all welded seams not taped.

    Premier Icon stevio

    Had an ATTACK for 3+ YEARS – great -my Endura waterproof 3/4’s had both pockets go in 2 rides and tape falling off. – attack still going strong even if it some times takes 2 goes to get the zip to lie flat – pity – if it went i’d have a new blue one from Cyclestore…


    Used my mayhem for the first time at afon early today. Really impressed so far.
    Got it here

    Altura Mayhem Waterproof Jacket

    Premier Icon iain1775

    not got the jacket but the waterproof 3/4 length shorts are great, use them regular for last 2-3 years

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