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  • Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Paisleyfreight, ime they just contract out to a nice TNT man who pops around, collects it, and it’s delivered next day tracked.

    If you measure dimensions of box, will be even cheaper than the “bike” option.

    Probably be about £12..

    Premier Icon Tracey

    Just been looking at Collect + after been stung too many times by Royal Mail


    After being frankly amazed by the Royal Mail’s prices in the last month (£9 for posting 2 tyres) I’ve dropped a wotsit by offering a kids bike I’ve sold on Ebay for postage at £15 🙁
    What are the alternatives, I’ve heard of firms that actually collect from your house ?? Any recommendations ?? Ta

    tell me about it, royal mail’s price increase have killed the mail order side of my business. the main item i sell cost 5.99 to post pre price rise, its now 12.50. and no way can i absorb any of the cost as i’d already had to charge less for my goods due to cheap chinese imports suddenly flooding in.

    anyhow rant aside… get quotes from both interparcel and parcel monkey. rates do vary between them but one of them will give you a good deal. i sent a kids bike recently for about a tenner i think, might have been 15 but no more.

    Member is great imo. £7.75* for item weighing between 10kg-15kg. There’s a 25% discount code for first time users floating about too. Drop at a shop or they’ll collect for a few pennies more.

    *much cheaper prices for lighter items.


    Cheers guys, Hermes looks ace, just signed up so will post up how it went…

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    I posted off my lads Islabikes Cnoc14 today. Booked with (Parcelforce). Was £13 inc vat for 48hr, another £2 for 24hr.
    Box was a std bike box, 130cm x 72cm x 19cm, & was about 10kg I think. (Max is 35kg…I once sent a tow-bar to the Shetlands & it was still the same price)
    Parcelforce willcollect from wherever you like. I couldnt be in so just left it in the porch with the forms. They even bring the address labels. Used dozens of times & never had any problems.

    hermes has a size limit

    I bought an islabike 16 and the seller just managed to squeeze inside size limit by stripping it into bits so doubt if a larger bike would fit their criteria
    They’re great for everything else tho


    Thanks to bearnecessities for the heads up on Paisley Frieght. Just sent a monster 22kg parcel for just over £15.

    They’ve got a well integrated website and take payment by Paypal – recommended 🙂

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