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  • Alternatives to Fox 32 – 150mm
  • davidxbrown

    Looking to buy some new forks to go with a new Trek Remedy Frame designed around 150mm travel, there is a lot of choice out there and the RockShox Revelation RLT Dual Air 150mm have caught my eye (although I would prefer a tapered steerer), if for no other reason than there less expensive to buy!

    What else should I be considering? strictly keeping it at 150mm travel.


    Think ive narrowed it down to the following, can anyone give me feedback on the latest Rock Shox and Marzocchi?

    Fox 32 150mm tapered

    Rock Shox Revelation RCT3 Dual Air Fork 150mm tapered 2012

    Marzocchi 44 RC3 Ti – 2012 – 150mm tapered


    Fox 34 rlc.
    Bos Deville.
    White Bros Loop.


    I’ve been very happy with my slightly older model 140mm 44RC3ti.
    I’ve previously managed to destroy the stanchions of both Fox and RS forks within a year but the ‘zocchis have proved far more resilient.
    3 year no-service-required warranty too. I don’t see Fox and RS offering that!
    Oh, and I almost forgot, yes they are absolutely brilliant to ride. Fantastic coil plushness, they just eat up whatever you can throw at them.

    The only fork that I’ve had so far that I WOULD definately buy again.
    I’m on the lookout for some 55s too now.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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