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  • Getting a bit tired of the scroll ball not working. Of course, it wouldn’t matter so much if I wasn’t spending too much time scrolling through STW threads. At the moment, it’s just scrolling up and not down.

    So, replacement needed…anybody using alternatives (without, like, fifteen buttons) that work nicely? I read a review of one some months ago that was supposed to be really good but can’t for the life of me remember which manufacturer it was.

    Any suggestions?


    logitec v470 bluetooth gets good reviews.

    I’m in the process of ordering a microsoft 5000 portable bluetooth thing for my samsung nc10…



    I’ve been using a Logitech 470 (in white obviously! 😉 ) on my Mac day in day out for a year with no problems.

    Batt life is decent and it takes AAs so if it runs out when you’re out on site you can pop down to the corner shop and grab some more. Lag is better than most bluetooth mice but still present. You can scroll sideways in documents sortof like the mightymouse by rocking the wheel to the side.

    What about the clicking-the-scroll-ball-for-widgets and squeeze-for-expose functionality?

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Choose a microsoft one that you like. I’m using a Laser 6000 with 5 buttons, scrolls up/down and left/right.


    Hey! That’s what happend to my Mighty Mouse too!

    Is there a way to take it apart to find out what’s gone wrong with it?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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