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  • JonR

    I've just taken delivery of a brake I bought from the classifieds (cheers yoshimi) and as I sat here at my desk unpacking it and having a bit of a nosey before work and someone asked me if the rotor was

    "One of those things that you put pans on on a worktop"

    I rather like this idea, I've got a very natty old Hayes 203 with lightening bolts cut in to the metal and now I think I've just found a use for it. Anyone else found funky uses for the old bike bits they can't bear to part with?


    disc rotor clock is a fav of mine


    Bored Jon? 😉

    I may have a go at the disc rotor clock though!

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    Great ideas there.
    Has anyone tried to make there own salt and pepper shakers from King or Hope hubs? Or indeed Shimano hubs as I have a "spare" rear one without a freehub that would look great on the kitchen table…


    I've had a few ideas with bike bits but rarely have spares. I like the hubs ideas, and I like the use of a rotor for a pan stand, but at the end of the day a used rotor will sell for £10+ and used hubs are either anchient or horrible looking, or they sell for £20+. Expensive hobby!


    Not a bike part, but i saw a skateboard truck used as an interior door handle.

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    My old commencal disc hub makes a good incense holder[/hippy]

    I use brake cables/ pinch bolts for hanging metal halide light units above aquariums.
    Also use an old set of EC90 carbon road bars as a wallmounted bike hanger.

    on the skateboard theme my son has 3 old skateboards I mounted as shelves in his room, according to him it is " like well sick, init" (I think that means he likes them!)


    I like all of these. Art gallery near me has some very cool sculpture in a garden out back made from old bike bits. Always quite fancied having a go at making something for the garden.. would probably end up looking c**p though.


    I have a nice race face deus shed door handle.


    cassette broken down and made into cock rings?


    Cheers. now I know what to do with that 'dished' rotor I've been trying to give away on the classifieds for weeks!

    I made a broken skateboard clock for several girlfriends.

    Old straight bars make a handy addition to a car tool kit for extra leverage on a wheel spanner.


    I am still riding mine!!

    I used to have a de-greased chain as a bracelet.


    we've used an old XT rh crank as a toilet door handle at work.

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