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    not worth wasting the energy to get all excited over it

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    Issue 88, page 20.


    I agree…these days it’s pretty much off road or on road riding.

    All mountain, Enduro are just ‘cool’ ways to describe the XC that most do….ride up and then ride down with a focus on the descending.

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    I am increasingly calling what I do “mountain biking”, and am working towards having one “mountain bike”.

    The combination of me and this bike will not be terribly well-suited to any particular racing format. This has far more to do with my skills and fitness than with the bike.

    For what it is worth, my preferred type of “mountain bike” is going to be a mid-travel hard-tail with flat pedals, a dropper, 10 gears and some fairly relaxed angles. This is not because I consider this to be the optimum form of mountain bike, but because it is the sort of mountain bike on which I have historically had the most amount of fun. I shall continue to go on rides in a range of places, with riders of a range of abilities who themselves have a range of different bikes.


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    The bike industry likes to subdivide mountain bikers into tiny groups (so they can sell more bikes), but the subdivisions don’t seem to be very useful. I’m still not sure what tag best describes what I do. So, I wonder if we could come up with a better set of sub groups.

    I was thinking that you might be able to divide riders (rather than bikes) in a more useful way and you might be able to do this based on attitude to risk. So, at one extreme you have what I’d call the off-road roadies. They are out for exercise, to enjoy the view and maybe for companionship. While they might be quite happy to ride over technical stuff the element of risk or danger doesn’t actually add anything to the ride for them. At the other end are the adrenaline junkies, for whom risk and (perceived) danger are the main motivators. For them it’s all about the trail, the technical challenge and pushing their limits.

    Of course, the problem with this classification system is that most of us just sit in between these extremes in a group that I can’t neatly define. But maybe you can do better.


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