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  • Alps biking holiday in May?
  • furry_marmot

    Saleve cable-car near Geneva. Chaumont in Neuchatel. Roche de Nayer near Montreux. another rack & pinion railway in Bienne. think Metabief in the Jura opens early (weekends only, though). les Diablerets will probably still be open. struggling to think of anywhere else…

    Premier Icon Chipbutty

    Will there be any lifts open anywhere in May for riding in the Alps?

    Premier Icon stevomcd

    Anything above about 2,000m will still have a lot of snow around, especially if north-facing.

    Premier Icon flowmtbguy

    what stevomcd said..

    top of Rochers de Naye had snow on it in mid june last year.

    Saleve is (er was before the recent rain) dry as a bone last week… busy as well.

    You’ll find any Ski resort apart from Chamonix / Interlaken area / Zermatt will be dead as can be though.


    Premier Icon Schweiz

    They just finished clearing 9 metres of snow off the top of the Gotthard pass (2100m)….

    Premier Icon alan-sierracycling

    The cable car in Belenmadena, Southern Spain is open for bike uplifts all year round with warm sunny weather in May.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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