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  • himupstairs
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    Does anyone have experience of the Sonder wheels from Alpkit, specifically the alpha 29? They don’t seem to be too heavy, are the width I want, and are just about affordable. They are to go on a hardtail that gets ridden fairly hard up and down.


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    I got a Santiago last year that came with the alpha 700c. The individual bits are fine but both wheels completely lost tension after a few rides. It’s not that unusual for budget wheelsets to do this, but still not great. Been absolutely fine since I rebuilt them.

    Alpkit are decent backup wise so probably worth a punt but budget in for getting them checked after a few uses.

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    I’ve been using a set of the Alpha 27.5 plus wheels on an e-bike for around six months now and they’ve just been fine tbh. No issues. I don’t particularly love the sound of the freehub when it’s free-wheeling, but that’s subjective and the engagement is good and fast.

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    Those show up at 269 Euro for me, which is exactly the same price as the DT M1900 wheels, which are same internal width and basically same weight. No disrespect to Sonder, but I’d have the DTs

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    I nearly bought a pair (for my Frontier frame) last week but instead bought Element wheels from superstar at 40% off which came to £210. Similar weight, or slightly less.
    Not a criticism of the Sonder wheels which also look good value but a similar price wheel and UK made hubs swung my cash that way.

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    I’ve just had some Alpha 27.5 plus wheels delivered. They are in my neighbours house though, and he`s not in, so i cant tell you what they are like – which doesnt really help much!

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    got the 650b alpha, 25mm internals on new camino, they are pretty good, front tubeless is fine, rear, i think i’m going to have to redo it, keeps losing air.

    freehub sounds great, seems to roll well.

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    I’ve got the Alpha 29 on my Evol.

    Don’t feel too heavy for the width, went up tubeless with absolutely zero fuss and have clumsily made it down Cavedale without going bandy.

    The freehub though is properly offensive. If you intend to have a chat while coasting you can forget it!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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