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  • Alpkit not doing sleeping mats any longer?
  • Can’t seem to find them on site.

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    Where have the sleeping bags gone?

    We cannot give you a definitive answer as to when we will have sleeping bags back in stock. We do know, due to the production timescales of our sleeping bags, if we were in a position to order them today (and unfortunately we are not) they would not arrive in the UK for at least 4-6 months.

    We know the frustrations in continually waiting for stock and this is in part the reason we have currently removed them from our webshop. Until we have concrete news on their delivery, please assume we do not sell sleeping bags.

    Any changes to the situation will be published via Facebook, Twitter and in our own monthly newsletter.

    Jim goes in to more detail in his Develop post Getting sleeping bags back on track.


    That’s all well and good Drac, but what about the sleeping mats? 😉

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    Only two models available and when I click to buy either of them I get this: T-shirt
    But even that’s not available to buy.

    Same situation as their sleeping bags I imagine.

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    Try emailing them they are a very good business so will reply.


    From ukc :

    Unfortunately, it is looking unlikely that we will be able to offer any mats for sale this season as we have had a real problem with our manufacturing partner. The factory closed down in August 2013 leaving us high and dry without a factory to make our products for 2014. We have been sampling with new factories but have yet to find a new reliable manufacturing partner. We hope to have them back at some point but have no definitive information at the moment.

    Ashleigh – Alpkit Customer Service

    Thanks timb34

    Anyone know of any similar quality at similar prices with a good range?

    Owned a couple of hi-gear self inflating mats, light-weight and well prices but both have failed.

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    I’ve an Alkit one at home doing nowt if anyone wants it?
    Pretty sure its a Dirtbag..

    Can check when home.

    On sunday.

    Kathmandu have a range of reasonable quality/value mats. LInky We had some of the self-inflators for the kids and they were pretty tough and reasonably light. But check out the range from Exped – the down mats and synmats – if you think you might want something lighter and better insulating.

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