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  • Alpine Elements – any good experiences???
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    If you only think of it as bed and board it should be ok.


    Looking at a week in the Alps & Alpine Elements are far the cheapest, I’m fully aware of the horror stories associated with them. If you a looking at taking your own bike, flight, accommodation, transfers, meals & do not require any guiding, does anyone have any good experiences with them?


    yep, me n mrs cheeze enjoyed two trips with them..
    cheap n cheerfull, coz you’re not going just to sit around the accommodation all day, are you?

    there will be some middle class haters along in a minute that want it all but won’t pay the price

    edit. meals and staff we found to be excellent.


    Can only speak for one horrific skiing holiday with them. Awful and not cheap. The only proper bad company I’ve ever been with.


    Had great week with them food was great as were the chalet hosts/guides


    You get what you pay for, and if you can keep that in mind, you should be OK..

    When I was yonger…and skint, I did very cheap boarding and bike holidays. 5 people cramped into a room, 1 bathroom for 10 people etc… but because it was cheap it was OK and the riding and skiing is still the same, so we had a grea time

    These days I want creature comforts and prepared to pay more for it.


    A group of us went last summer with them to Morzine, accomodation was fine, the food was excellent and the chalet staff were great.
    We didn’t need a guide and all took our own bike’s.
    The only fault I would mention is that they were a bit poor with organising the return transfer!
    I would use them again.


    am going in july to lez gets as last year and crystal b4 i do not need baby sitting and can look after our selves we find them good value for money. would use them time and time again untill i win the lotto then i will buy my own property there

    Premier Icon LimboJimbo

    We went to Morzine with them a couple of years ago. Pretty shambolic booking process in the UK but alright actually when we got there. I reckon we were pretty lucky as the couple that hosted our chalet weren’t the usual kidz and were having a practice year before opening their own chalet business the following year. We were only after bed and board really so for a lads week away no major grumbles.

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