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  • Alpine 160 – Old vs New?
  • I’m saving up my pennies to buy a second hand Alpine 160. Do I need to buy a ‘newish’ one – or will an older version be fine. Are there key differences or things to avoid know before deciding?

    Do the older ones only have a 27.2 seatpost – or were they always bigger (better for droppers)?

    Is there any significant weight difference?

    What about headtubes?

    What about the adjustable shock mount (why would I even want that)

    You know the sort of thing….

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    Very latest one is a fair bit lighter and has more adjustability- to be fair I think everyone who’s ever been given a geometry-adjustable Orange has immediately put it into slack as **** mode and left it there, I did…

    Believe they went to 30.9 and tapered headtube in 2011? Looking at frames myself just now, think it’d be a mistake to go for an older one tbh.

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    “Old” Alpine 160:
    Up to, and including, 2010 model year:
    27.2mm seatpost – difficult to get a dropper post
    Straight 1 1/8″ head tube – can’t fit tapered forks

    2011 model year onwards:
    30.9mm seatpost – good for droppers
    Tapered headtube – easier to get forks for

    “New” Alpine 160:
    Fine with droppers and tapered forks.
    Lighter in weight.

    Brilliant – so it’s 2011 onwards (unless I luck into some money and can buy a new one!)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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