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  • Alpine 160 – ghost shifting issue
  • Hi all,

    I’ve had a second hand Alpine 160 for a few months now and it’s been excellent. A few issues to iron out but there down now.

    I’m having one issue I can’t seem to resolve though. When really blasting down rougher trails either au natural or trail centres I’m finding the rear gears shift occasionally. I’ve heard people refer to this as ‘ghost shifting’.

    I’ve checked everything I can think of…alignment of derailleur/cables/hanger etc but nothing seems to sort it. Is this something that’s a ‘feature’ of single pivots?

    Any thoughts or ideas to help resolve this would be welcome.


    Hindle Pie

    Pat, have you cut the cable outers too short going to the rear mech? If so you may notice the shifting as and when your suspension is compressing over the ‘rough stuff’. Or are you using a front chain guide at too steep an angle? i.e. it’s too tight. These are 2 culprits i’ve experienced.
    Failing that you may have to slow down 🙂


    Don’t know whether it will help but there’s a couple of things I’ve done with my cable routing on my Alpine and I don’t get ghost shifting:

    Wrap insulating tape round the outer ‘behind’ the lower plastic p-clip on the downtube. This will stop the outer sliding up as the suspension compresses and causing problems when it doesn’t slide back as the suspension extends.

    Small diameter plastic tube – I used an old pen – about 1.5″ long. Poistion under the shock with zip-tie through it and take zip-tie round rear mech outer, back through tube and then round brake hose. This will stop the rear mech outer (and brake hose) splaying out now that it can’t slide up so it just compress down smoothly.

    Hope that helps


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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