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  • Alpe D'huez Mega accommodation and lift advice needed please
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    No lift from there and not sure about the bus.
    There is a lift from Huez and the bus service from Allemond.
    Looking at a map I am pretty sure you would be able to find a route back down at the end of the day and it looks like the road is mostly downhill to Allemond so may not be too much hassle in the morning.
    You will be staying in a ghost town though!

    cheers 12, thought it might be too good to be true. Got any recommendations?

    I have been offered a very good deal on a chalet in Villard Reculas. However, whilst I know a lift runs from there in the winter season, I am unsure if we will be cut off from the lift system for the Mega week.

    Does anyone know if staying there is feasible? I was wondering if there was a trail or something that led down to a bus pick-up point if the lift isn’t running.


    Premier Icon twelveski

    You have left it a bit late!
    The place we stayed for the last two years is full, so can’t recommend anywhere on experience.
    As your so late and knowing you are looking for a cheep option, The camp site in Allemond looks pretty nice and is convenient for the end of the Mega.
    During the mega week the buses are very frequent (apart from a break around lunch) and I can not think of a better way to end the day than a run down the lower half of the mega track.


    I’d second that. We stayed in the Allemond campsite for a bit last year and it’s a nice place to be among the trees. Friendly wee man, piscine along the road, a couple of cafes and a bus up the hill. What more do you need!!!

    yeah, we weren’t sure we were going until end of last week!

    Cheers for advice, will that out.

    You wont get lifts from the door but wouldn’t be a problem on any other days than race day as you could ride from your door every other day as the course runs directly behind the village and is about 1/4 mile up the road. If you’ve got other transport for transfer up to the start on race day.

    Also best trail i rode there last year starts from Villard Reculas and goes right down to the valley floor, loads of switchbacks, deep leaf litter and not used a lot!


    stayed here last year

    fairly near the lift, fairly cheap. all good.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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