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  • skink2020


    I’m not saying it works but it helped me.


    I’m in a world of sneezing, watery eyed hell and its been going on for nearl a year now, around the time we moved house. At first I put it down to moving from town to country and hay fever, however it really doesn’t seem to be improving.

    I partly managed it by taking Benadryl daily but that hasn’t always helped. I’m mid 30’s now and never suffered anything like this except on exceptionally dusty environments. The house is clean, we have a cat but always have had,there’s no real damp in the house, what the hell can it be!

    Premier Icon dudeofdoom

    I’d bug your doctor to get an allergy test…..

    Or get them go let you try Avamys – prescription nasal spray.

    If yer allergic to tree, grass and weed pollens you can suffer a very prolonged ‘hay fever’ season.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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