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  • All your bikes from the year dot…
  • mamadirt

    lol :@ tomhoward πŸ˜† That was one of the few that was bought complete.

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Explosif (XC Pro πŸ™‚ )
    Another stumpy
    Another Rc200
    Another stumpy
    ..after another RC200.

    I should grow up.


    My list pales into insignificance compared to mamadirt’s, but I still think I have a real problem! Especially as I’m not even sure this is complete… In fact I’m pretty sure I’ve missed a few out (I’ve not included any I’ve bought just to use as donors for parts)…

    Raleigh Burner BMX – first I can remember, I’m sure there were others before
    Raleigh 10spd road bike of some description (it was about 1987, I was 7, didn’t really get bikes still at this age)
    Marin Muirwoods – 1990 and first proper MTB
    Marin Eldridge Grade – 1995 model, spent all my savings upgrading this one!
    Orange X1 – 1996… I know, never be the beta tester. Did lots of miles on it mind!
    Specialized Stumpjumper M2 Team Edition – 1997 model, with Carbon legged Judy’s, just like JMC’s! Bought off “lookmanohands” of this forum (his XC race bike of the previous season), and I kept it for many years to come.
    Proflex Animal – 1997 model F&F bought old stock in 2001. Quickly became my then GF’s bike
    Trek Fuel 100 – 2001 I was working PT in a shop and splashed all my wages on the best FS I could get hold of at the time.
    GT Pro Series BMX – 99 model bought in 2001. The longest I’ve ever owned a bike (only sold it last year), and in 13 years I think I rode it maybe 20 times!
    Specialized S-Works Enduro – 2003 champagne coloured model. One of the better bikes I’ve owned but a terribly unreliable shock!
    Trek Bruiser – decided I needed a small fun HT in my life again. Early mid life crisis
    Specialized S-Works Allez Road Bike – bought off Jedi from this forum… Did about 200 miles on it inside 4 years! Never mind…
    Santa Cruz Bullit – sold the Enduro to buy this. Too much bike for most of my riding, but awesome in the Alps!
    Airborne Lancaster – felt I needed something the antithesis of the Bullit, plus it was cheap… It worked on flexy time mind!
    Another Trek Bruiser – enjoyed the first one, bought the 2nd one mucho cheap.
    Intense Tazer FS – 2002 model I bought 2nd hand then built up as closely as a Nigel Page replica I could. Rode it twice I think, realising 4X wasn’t for me.
    GT Ruckus – Bought cheap, heavily upgraded. A more modern equivalent of the 90’s Zaskar I never owned, or so I told myself.
    Cannondale Gemini DH – my one and only full on DH bike. Gracia is, was, and always will be the coolest guy ever to ride a bike, and I owned one like his (albeit with a more modest build)
    Maverick ML7 – having tried one about 5 years previously and fallen in love, it took several years for the price of 2nd hand ones to fall far enough to get into my clutches! Great bike, thoroughly misunderstood by the masses.
    Genesis Altitude 853 – superb steel HT, in the vain of the Cotic Soul but cheaper. Did a lot of miles on this.
    Giant Reign X – superb bike but I was using it for XC blasts in the woods, not trips to the Alps.
    Gary Fisher Rig – 2 firsts for me… 29er and Singlespeed. Put an Alfine hub on it after 1 ride, and replaced the frame with something else fairly shortly after.
    On One inbred 29er – inherited all the kit off the Rig. Heavy but stable, and less fragile than the (already abused when I bought it) Rig.
    Maverick Durance – bought the last one officially imported into the UK at a knock down price to replace the ML7. Superb bike, still own it now although it’s not been ridden in a while.
    Cotic BFe – had listed after one for years, finally bought one 2nd hand for a good price. Found it ridiculously unforgiving, and didn’t gel with it at all. Sold it on quite quickly.
    Giant Defy 2 Road Bike – the first road bike I actually rode properly. Bought it to replace 2 MTB’s as having been made redundant, I decided I needed to make the hobby somewhat less expensive. Took some time to get used to it, but ended up enjoying road riding with this bike.
    Genesis Altitude Ti – Loved the steel version so much, I kept it for a while when I bought the Ti version to replace it just in case. Fortunately the Ti version didn’t disappoint, and served me well for a few years.
    Holeshot steel HT – bought mega cheap and built on a very tight budget as a mess about bike. Rode it like 4 times. Still have the frame though all the components are long gone.
    Merida Scultura Road Bike – My first carbon bike. Did a fair few miles on This inside the 18 months I had it. Started to realise road riding was a lot more fun on a decent bike!
    Kona Kahuna Deluxe – Bought cheap as a stop gap HT, ended up being one of my favourite bikes to date! My 3rd 29er, but the first one I got on with. Heavily upgraded over standard, did 12hr solo at Bonty 24/12 on it, my first ever go at a solo, and came 14th out of 60 odd!
    Kinesis Sync Ti – was already waiting for this one when I bought the Kona, hadn’t expected it would take as long as it did. Superb bike once it arrived though, I did spend some money speccing it up mind!
    KTM Revelator Road Bike – in the 18 months I’ve had this, it’s been through about 6 sets of wheels, 2 groupsets, various bars/stems/seatposts/saddles and is now knocking in at 7.2kg with full SRAM Red and Reynolds wheels. Best road bike I’ve ridden still, and I’ve ridden a number of high end exotica over the years.
    Whyte Dorset – Superb winter road bike. Heavy but supremely comfortable and dependable with full guards, 28c tyres and disc brakes.
    Whyte T-129 Works SCR – Bought as an (expensive) stop gap whilst I waited for another bike that was going to take months to arrive. Superb agressive geometry for a 29er, but piss poor rear tyre clearance.
    Evil The Following – probably the longest I’ve ever waited for a bike! Thank god it lived up to the hype though, as I had to buy the T-129 to keep me going for a good few months in the meantime! Still got it as my main bike, won’t be going anywhere any time soon…
    Kona Taro – bought 2nd hand off this forum, built it to my own spec, rode it a few times. Didn’t gel with it, now has been stripped to sell the frame on…
    Saracen Avro – recently bought as a new lighter weight winter road bike, but not yet ridden for one reason or another. Upgraded with 1×11 hydraulic SRAM groupset, will be hoping to get some serious miles in on this over the winter.
    Whyte 629 – bought last week to replace the Taro. Stripped it for the frame, and currently rebuilding with most of the parts off the Taro. Will be my main MTB through the muddy winter.

    Like I say there’s definitely a select few I’ve forgotten, not including the select few that I’ve built up and then changed my mind and sold before I even rode them!


    Too late to edit:-

    Ghost AMR 2955 – far from unforgettable, actually a surprisingly good short travel 29er FS bike. It’s late, I should be in bed, forgot I’d had that one at the same time as the Sync…
    Raleigh Strada 2 hybrid – bought stupidly cheap in the vein idea I might use it to commute to work, or as a pub bike. Got used for both maybe 3 times. Somebody else wanted it and wanted to pay me more than I bought it for, so off it went…


    Elswick Hopper 60s
    ‘Track bike’ cow horns, nobblers 60s
    Club Row ‘special’ road bike 70s
    Condor Cadet fixie 70s
    Raleigh mountain bike 90s
    Whyte Preston 4 00s
    Felt single speed 00s

    Maverick ML7 current
    Genesis Core 40 current
    Eddy Merckx EMX3 current

    Missing a few but this is over a 50 yr period

    Premier Icon shortcut

    Some red thing
    Coventry eagle
    Grifter 2 frames, 3 sets of forks
    Sun Solo
    Peugeot racer
    Evans tourer
    Another Evans tourer after I hit someone on the first
    Falcon 531pro thing
    Stumpjumper Team
    Orange Prestige
    Kona Explosif
    GT Zaskar – 2 frames
    Some Raleigh road frame bike
    Cougar roadie
    Condor Fratelli
    Spesh Tarmac
    Spesh Allez
    KTM Revelator
    Spesh Singlecross
    Marin Mount Vision
    4 Cove Stiffee frames
    Orange Sub 5
    Orange Evo 6
    Airborne Lucky Strike
    Yeti Arc
    Turner 5 Spot
    Dialled Love hate
    One one inbred
    On one scandal
    Fisher 29er thing
    Lynsey Ridgeline 29
    Coptic Simple
    Santa Cruz Superlight
    Santa Cruz Highball 3 frames
    Stumpjumper Evo 29
    Camber Evo 29
    Salsa Beargrease

    Not in order but lots.

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    a plastic blue and yellow trike with the pedals directly attached to front wheel (remember snapping that when I got too big for it)

    a black bike with white fat tyres

    raleigh grifter
    1984-5(ish) raleigh winner 5sp
    1987 peugeot road bike 10sp (dunno if it had a name)
    1989 madison/ridgeback rapide 531c 14sp road bike (still got it)
    1996 scott vail (still got it)
    2007 cotic soul (my main bike)
    2010 droessiger CX bike (use that too – german brand that make frames that get rebadged by lots of shops etc. that want their own label bikes, eg cucuma, vortrieb, …)

    tops 5

    Chipper (or tomohawk?)
    Arena with cow horns
    Extra Burner (pimped)
    Folding shopping bike for getting to work on
    Raleigh MAverick
    GT Timberline
    GT Zaskar
    GT LTS
    GT STS
    Turner 5 Spot
    Transition Covert (2011)
    On One 456
    On One C456
    ’92 Marin Palisades Trail
    Retro Kona Munimula
    Transition Covert 2(2014 – for sale soon! πŸ™‚ )
    Dialled Alpine
    Nukeproof Mega Tr

    Premier Icon Dickyboy

    Raleigh RSW – Red (Circa 1977) Memory: Falling off, 3 stitches above right eye.

    Tricycle yellow c1967, standing on it so I could reach handle to back door, 3 stitches to top lip & then repeat 2 weeks later, 3 stitches to bottom lip

    1970ish. Gold fat tyre kids bike with front rod brake (first of many trips over the bars on this)
    Slightly bigger kids bike
    Raleigh Chopper (death trap!)
    5 speed kids racer (24″ wheel)
    12 speed racer
    Cheap mountain bike from Condor Cycles Greys Inn Road
    Specialized Rock hopper
    Orange Clockwork
    Merlin Taiga
    Intense Tracer (one of the very first)
    Intense 5.5 EVP
    Turner 5spot (horst)
    Wilier Izoard
    Turner 5spot (TNT) Stolen πŸ™
    Merlin Oreas Stolen πŸ™
    Turner 5spot (DW)
    Fondriest Aluminium (Winter bike)
    Viner Aluminium/Carbon (crap weather bike)
    Brian Rourke Custom 853 Hardtail
    Viner Maxima

    Premier Icon nickc

    some red thing
    Raleigh Jeep
    Carrera B52
    Profelx Animal
    Specialised Stumpjumper HT
    Foes FXC
    Pastey Howler
    On One Inbred SS
    Cove Hummer
    Nicolai Helius FR
    Santa Cruz Chameleon
    PP Shan
    Yeti ARS5c


    1980 – Hand-me-down red girls bike with solid rubber tyres

    1982 – S/H Raleigh Tomahawk

    1984 – knackered S/H Raleigh Chopper

    1988 – Townsend 27″ ‘racer’ that I smeared in Niromors then spray painted white. Fitted it with Suntour thumb shifters and Bullmoose handlebars.

    1989 – Falcon Sierra – Hammerited it green and got my LBS to build me a wheel using a 3 speed hub taken off the Chopper (think pre-Rolholf all-weather bike).

    1989 – Bianchi Avanti MTB. Hi-tensile steel at it’s finest.

    1990 – Mongoose Iboc Pro. Bl**dy good bike actually.

    1992 – Kona Kilauea frame that I built up using some of the parts from the dented and abused Mongoose.

    1997 – Italian built Columbus steel + Campy road bike I bought off some mug for Β£70. Crashed it badly and ended in hospital. Karma.

    2000 – Kona Cindercone

    2002 – Santa Cruz Superlight.

    2003 – On-One Pompino built up as a commuter

    2004 – Intense Tracer. Discounted frameset. Bloody nice bike.

    2006 – S/H Brompton for commuting on the train.

    2009 – Cotic Soul.

    2011 – A frameset so terrible I’d rather not talk about it. Never buying anything from those shysters ever again.

    2013-Now – Surly 26″ LHT

    2014-Now – Surly Karate Monkey Ops.

    2016 – Litespeed T3 fitted with Ultegra everything inc. wheels.

    2016 – Surly Cross Check.

    Premier Icon gkeeffe

    1969 Old schwinn-type cruiser
    1972 Moulton Mini (my sister’s)
    1974 Sun 3 speed racer
    1979 Mongoose BMX
    1985 Specialized Rockhopper
    1988 Chas Roberts White Spider
    1992 Marin Team Issue
    1996 Specialised FSR
    2004 Orange 5
    2009 Brompton S3M
    2014 Santa Cruz Bronson C


    I’ve not had many really.

    The past:

    Circa 1980 – A little purple thing
    Couple of years later – A BMX, no idea of make or model.
    Sometime in the 80’s – A Raleigh road bike, it was orange thats all i know
    Late 80’s – A Raleigh styler mag BMX, loved that bike.
    1990 ish – A Townsend MTB (for about 6 weeks) bag of shite!

    Long period with no bike (which coincided with me moving to Halifax!!)…..

    1999 Raleigh Dyna Tech MTB
    2003 GT Avalanche
    2010 Orange Five
    2012 On one inbred 29er
    2013 Btwin triban 5
    2013 On one inbred 26”

    The present:

    Ragley Blue Pig
    Planet X London Road
    Commencal Meta AM


    1997 Specialized Rockhopper cromo (didn’t have it long because it was stolen).

    1997 Kona Koa – first forray into suspension with Judt XC’s
    1997 Cannondale SV500
    1996 Marin Bear Valley (at the same time as the SV500, small as a jump bike)
    1997 Marin Mount Vision (Z1’s, Hope Big ‘Un’s, Maguras etc)

    Had an MTB hiatus at this point and skateboarded / rode BMX – 2001 Fly Estampida which was nicked whilst at Uni. Back to MTB…

    1999 Specialized FSR
    2001 Kona Stinky
    2003 Specialized Big Hit
    XXXX Planet X Jumping Jack Flash (bought as a cheapo jump bike to go with the Big Hit)
    1999 Santa Cruz Chameleon (replaced the Planet X)
    2005 Demo 9 to replace the Big Hit
    2001 Kona Stinky – rebuilt as a trail bike and replainted
    200X Norco Sasquatch (awful bike, didn;t last long)
    2005 Orange Sub Zero (loved this bike but it cracked)
    2007 Santa Cruz Chameleon (one that fitted, trail bike)
    2001 Kona Stinky (rebuilt again as a plpay bike with 66’s)
    2007 Solid Flair
    2005 Orange Patriot 66 (bought to repalce the Chameleon and Solid – hated it).

    Another MTB hiatus due to hating the 66 so much.

    2005 Specialized SX Trail…loved this so much!
    200X Specialized P1 – awful thing
    XXXX GT Lopes 4x. Rode really well but hated the way it looked
    XXXX Intense Tazer HT to replace the Lopes. Loved it but it cracked
    2012 Cotic BFE. Didn’t really love it
    2013 Banshee Rune V2. Awesome, awesome bike but overkill.
    2013 Specialized Allez
    201X Stanton Slackline 853…loved it. A lot but too small.
    2015 Stanton Switchback 631. Awesome.
    1994 Cannondale Beast of the East – inherited from an uncle and is (very slowly) being turned into a single speed.

    The Rune has now been sold and the Switchback is joing it. Both have just been replaced by a Ti Slackline

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