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  • All these commuting threads – let's spec your ideal commuter
  • stanley222

    Anyone got a Courier Race from Edinburgh Cycles – thinking of getting one so would like to know if they are up to the job!


    Finally decided to cough up for a(nother) Ti frame to replace my rather tired 531 winter bike.

    Not a fan of compact road frames but ended up with an off the shelf Enigma Etape as their custom build wait list is approx 4 months.

    Transplanted most of the 9 spd running gear, guards, saddle etc over but needed a new longer post and I’ve thrown some Dura Ace bits on it as well.

    Defo not a cheap winter hack but having lost the two past winters I’m determined to keep the mileage up this year and some new shiny should help.

    I’ll need to juggle some wheels around as it’s 22lbs atm and obviously waay too heavy 🙄


    I have an inbred which i use for everything from commutes, to riding holidays when the full sus has decided to spit it’s dummy.

    Change the tyres, flick a singlespeed kit on, whatever.
    I don’t need 6 bikes. (i’d get nagged for a start)


    I second the concept of having a good commuter, I use mine for training and touring too.

    Ti Yukon frame for £435, disc brakes, rack, mudguards, otherwise dependable non cling kit.



    I see a lot of them around Edinburgh, they look like decent bikes, they are designed for the job. Not ridden one tho

    My perfect commuter. MTB frame with EBB, alfine, mary bars, short travel coil sprung fork, mary bars, rack and mudguard mounts, 1 3/4 inch road tyres. Not far of what I have

    Premier Icon ransos

    My requirements for a commuter:
    Unattractive to thieves
    Reliable & low maintenance
    Able to carry luggage
    Able to cope with the rough cycle path I use

    Solution is a 1993 Marin Eldridge Grade, fitted with slicks, guards and a rack. The 7 speed transmission with thumbies never goes wrong, parts are cheap, I can carry plenty of shopping in 2 panniers, and no-one would nick it because it’s old and a bit tatty.

    I used to use my Thorn Audax, but that was far too nice to wreck on a short commute.


    I will also add that I commute on all my bikes and if it ties in with an evening TT, I’ll bling up and ride me TT wagon

    It’s my fastest bike and I like trying to get from A to B as fast as possible 🙄 :lol:.

    At the other extreme I’ll pootle in on’t full suss every now and then

Viewing 7 posts - 81 through 87 (of 87 total)

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